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Interactive VDP Photos

Get a 10% lift in VDP leads – or your money backEngage your customers in real-time with a completely interactive, virtual walkaround of your new and used inventoryDealers United Member Exclusive Discount / Lowest Price on SpinCar

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Get a 10% lift in VDP leads – or your money backEngage your customers in real-time with a completely interactive, virtual walkaround of your new and used inventoryDealers United Member Exclusive Discount / Lowest Price on SpinCar

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Just Launched: The SpinCar Mobile Capture App

Watch the video below and discover how Doan Buick GMC was able to create seamless, interactive 360° walkaround videos with their smartphone in just 2 and a half minutes!


Hint: Skip to 1:30 for the Dealer Testimonial!



With the SpinCar Mobile Capture App, you or your photographer just needs to take one video of your car with a smartphone

SpinCar’s unique sensor image stabilization removes shakiness and extracts 200 perfect photos from the video

Your SpinCar display is automatically generated along with live video clips from the original video and inserted directly into your VDP!

Why you will SpinCar

Double the time spent on your VDPs

Show off your actual vehicle inventory with 360º walkarounds that give your customers control of the VDP experience. Keep them on your pages longer by encouraging them to interact with your vehicles’ interiors, exteriors, and specific features!

An app that makes it easier than ever

The SpinCar Mobile Capture App allows your photographer to take just 1 video of a vehicle with a smartphone in order to generate up to 200 vehicle photos, live video, and touchable hotspots that will automatically be transformed into a stunning 360° walkaround display.

Tag special features on any vehicle

Highlight the most valuable features of your vehicles, from trunk space to navigational systems, that you want your prospects to explore. These hotspots will demonstrate your dealership’s transparency and will help increase VDP stickiness.

Flawless interactivity on every device

Don’t leave your customer’s mobile experience on your VDPs to chance. With SpinCar, your walkarounds will work perfectly on every device, giving your customers the experience and information they want, wherever they are.

Powerful reports and analytics to help you identify:

Most popular VDPs with Spins

Popular feature interests

Average time spent on VDPs

Lift in leads & leads submitted

SpinCar provides embedded VDP analytics that track every move your visitors make as they virtually walk around your inventory. These reports will reveal helpful BDC data, such as how many times customers are “spinning” your vehicle and what specific features they’re looking at.

Our Guarantee

10% more VDP leads guaranteed
or your money back.


more time on site


more lead submissions


higher return rates

“Last month we had more used car internet leads and more used cars sold through our business development center than ever before.”

Bill Feinstein
President and Dealer Manager
Planet Honda


What is SpinCar’s photography process?
With SpinCar’s new mobile app, all your photographer needs is a mobile phone. Simply walk around the vehicle’s exterior and shoot a single video. Then, manually take individual photos of the vehicle’s interior, or use a 360 camera (like the Rico Theta) to capture a 360 view. That’s it! SpinCar’s technology will extract up to 200 photos from the video and create a seamless 360º walkaround video.
Will SpinCar’s photography process take my photographer more time?
No! If anything, SpinCar simplifies the photography process.
How many photos should I take?
As many as possible! While spins can be created with as few as 10 photos per car, we highly recommend at least 26 or more for full optimization. SpinCar’s new mobile app feature extracts nearly 200 photos for a completely seamless experience.
What about my existing photos?
Once you sign up, SpinCar will process your photos from that point forward. If you re-take photos of your existing inventory using our process, we’ll turn them into spins them for free.
Will SpinCar work with my photo distribution platform?
Yes. SpinCar works with all photography distribution platforms (Authenticom, HomeNet, eCarlist, etc.)
Is SpinCar compatible with my website?
Yes. SpinCar is in use by all major (and many minor) website providers, including Dealer.com and Cobalt.

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