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Fully Managed Live Chat Software

Capture chat leads even when your store is closed Integrates with CarFax, Edmunds, and your dealership’s inventoryBoth flat rate and performance-based plans available

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Capture chat leads even when your store is closed Integrates with CarFax, Edmunds, and your dealership’s inventoryBoth flat rate and performance-based plans available


of your visitors will not convert due to a lack of engagement on your site


of US drivers believe interactivity on websites is a must for the auto industry


of US drivers welcome the ability to chat with a dealer online

Why you will 24/7 Live Chat

Guided by science and geared toward results

We track the small details. We know what pictures, names, and responses within the chat interface will increase the quantity of chats initiated and the likelihood of those chats converting into showroom visits.

The right answers at the right time

The difference between you selling a vehicle instead of your competition comes to who has the right answers at the right time. Studies show that dealers without a back-up chat service miss over 55% of chat opportunities during non-business hours. Plus, we use your prospects’ locations and how they discovered your website (i.e., a Google search for “Ford Fusion specials” to help personalize the chat experience and tailor it to their needs.

Integration with Edmunds, CarFax, and your inventory

Users who engage in live chat want information quickly. If they don’t want to call or wait around for an email response, it’s your chat provider’s job to give them the information they need as fast as possible. CarChat24’s integration with Edmunds and Carfax gives chat operators instant access to the information prospects need to make informed buying decisions, all without ever leaving the chat console.

Proven scripts and incentivized operators

We use tested scripts instead of free-flying dialogue to ensure the highest professionalism, organization, and conversion rates. Plus, we grade our operators based upon their ability to generate more hot leads, and their bonuses are tied directly to their success. This helps guarantee that our operators’ goals are aligned with your dealership’s goals.

Alexis: Hi, welcome to the chat.

Alexis: How can I help you?

Your message: I’m looking for a

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Mobile responsive technology

We have pioneered the mobile chat interface for the automotive industry for both the consumer and the operator. When a prospect is visiting your site, they’ll be able to engage in live chat in the same way they would on their desktop computer, with zero loss of features.


Do you offer text to chat?
No. We found that many consumers avoided initiating a chat altogether once they were asked to allow their mobile number to be used for ongoing dealer use.
Do your chat providers follow scripts?
Yes, because we want to use what we know works. Every script is thoroughly tested to bring you the highest conversion rates. Plus, having scripted/canned responses allows for a quicker operator response time and prevents grammatical and spelling errors.
How long will it take to set up?
On average, we will have you up and running in 7-10 business days.
Is there any kind of reporting?
Absolutely. Our chat has won AWA’s Innovation Award for our chat analytics. Our software also easily integrates with your Google Analytics for real-time results.

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