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Demo Craigslist Posting For Auto Dealers

Automatically Generate Phone & Site Traffic That Drives Sales

Get your used inventory where there is more traffic than Autotrader and Cars.com combinedClose Craigslist shoppers 13 days sooner than other shoppers and at a 12% close-rateUse proven data and science to get your listings to the top of the Search Results PagesAutomatically integrate sub-prime messaging and NEW monthly payment break-downs to appeal to ANY audience

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Get your used inventory where there is more traffic than Autotrader and Cars.com combinedClose Craigslist shoppers 13 days sooner than other shoppers and at a 12% close-rateUse proven data and science to get your listings to the top of the Search Results Pages

Craigslist Auto Has
More Used Traffic Than Autotrader And Cars.com Combined.

If You Aren’t Advertising On Craigslist, You’re Missing Out On 1st Party, Ready-To-Buy Leads

167 phone calls
428 clicks to site
11 emails
1 text lead
11 cars sold

(Results based on an average dealer adding 100 used inventory to Craigslist via our posting tool over 30 days.)

Our Craigslist Program Has Helped Dealers Triple Their Used Inventory Conversions and Quintuple Their ROI


Listen To An Actual Call Driven By Craigslist

I saw you had a car online, I was wondering if you had it still on the lot? A 2008 Silver Nissan 350Z.”
“I still have it! I’d be more than happy to take you for a drive.”
Cool, I’ll be there in 45 minutes.”

The Craigslist Auto Game Has Changed – And We Can Help You Win It

Craigslist shoppers have shorter sales cycles than other Used vehicle leads and often convert at a 12% close-rate, making them valuable prospects. But the Craigslist algorithm has recently changed. Do you know how to get your posts to the top of the Search Results Page and in front of these shoppers?

An Optimized Listing Can Beat Even The Most Recent Posts

When a user searches for a keyword, Craigslist now uses an algorithm to decide which posts show at the top of the Search Results Page—NOT how recent the vehicle was listed. In order to satisfy the algorithm, listings now require specific attention to detail and data, something our program has perfected.

Our Proven Craigslist Postings Are Backed By Science

Listing templates are A/B/C tested and are optimized to beat any competitor

Vehicles are only posted on peak days and times for your specific market

Every post is robust with photos and vehicle details to help the buying decision

Every listing includes 4 ways to reach your dealership including SMS & local numbers

Our Automated Console Helps You Dominate Craigslist Every Day

Industry Leading Features Power More Sales—Just Plug And Play!

Auto Pull & Updates

Your inventory will be automatically turned into Craigslist postings. If anything changes in your inventory feed, we update your listing immediately including new photos and description changes.

BONUS: Proven Sub-Prime Targeting & Monthly Payment Generator

We’ll go the extra mile for free and target your ideal subprime customers with your vehicle listings. Plus, you can now break down your vehicle prices by MONTHLY PAYMENTS and post them automatically to Craigslist (no other provider does this!).

Smart Posting

We won’t waste ad spend. Our program uses science to pull vehicles from your inventory which are also trending in your market. We then post those items on peak days and times, and track the data throughout the 30 day posting period.

How Does Our Program Stack Up?


“I’ve made a bunch of changes around here since I’ve joined with [Dealers United]. With their [Craigslist Program], we’re seeing a huge amount of phone calls…we’re growing in general all around. Last month, everyone I talked to said they were trending down, but with Dealers United and [Craigslist] it was the best month we’ve had in the past five years!”

— Bryant Claudon, General Sales Manager at Valley Buick GMC

Hold Our Program Accountable Through Dynamic Reporting

  • Record and listen to each phone call that has taken place.
  • Receive phone call recordings, daily summary, real-time activity notifications and detailed analyses.
  • Know exactly what vehicles in stock are getting the most, and the least consumer engagement.
  • Be able to decipher which vehicles are getting VDP clicks and how many – traceable in Google Analytics


1. I’ve advertised on Craigslist before. Has anything changed over the last 5 years?
Yes, a lot has changed. Craigslist Auto now charges $5 per listing and uses algorithms to filter out “junk postings” and help Craiglist search results be more relevant to the consumer. Instead of basing which listings show first solely on what time they were posted, vehicle posts can now “beat the clock”: older posts can show first by simply being more appealing and being optimized to satisfy the Craigslist algorithm.
2. Why should I avoid managing my own Craigslist inventory posting?
Your inventory, pricing, and vehicle info are constantly changing. An automated solution synced with your website is the only way to stay current and keep your inventory listings up to date.

Plus, there are 13 steps involved in creating a Craigslist vehicle listing from start to finish, and that doesn’t involve maintaining, updating, and refreshing them. Keeping on top of this for your entire used inventory simply isn’t a time-efficient solution!

3. What’s the “science” behind posting on Craigslist?
Craigslist Auto now uses an algorithm to decide which vehicle listings should show at the top of the Search Results Page (SRP). And our program has nailed that algorithm using data and science, A/B/C testing hundreds of variations of listing templates to see which one is truly the “champion” when it comes to getting to the top of the SRP.
4. What makes Dealers United’s Craigslist Posting tool different than others?
  1. 1.  Everything we do is based on data and science: not gut feelings.
  2. 2.  Our design templates beat any other competitors’.
  3. 3.  We include “Smart Reporting” with call tracking and by-vehicle reporting for your market.
  4. 4.  Our system knows the best time and day to post each vehicle.
  5. 5.  We offer Sub-Prime Targeting for free.

Get the full feature list by scheduling a demo!

5. What do I have to do to maintain my postings once I’m live?
Absolutely nothing apart from answering the inbound lead emails, SMS text messages, and phone calls that our posting tool generates! Simply set up your budget, grant us access to your inventory feed, and the system will automatically start sending you qualified Craigslist leads for each vehicle posted.
6. How fast can I be up and running with this Craigslist Posting tool?
Most dealers are live within 48 hours of receiving a copy of your inventory feed from your data provider.
7. What’s included in Dealers United’s deal?
  • +  Optimized vehicle listings for however many used inventory you want to post
  • +  A/B/C tested templates that don’t lose
  • +  Inventory sync and automatic updates
  • +  Smart posting specific to your market and based on science
  • +  Sub-prime targeting
  • +  Multiple market targeting*
  • +  Call tracking and call recordings
  • +  Smart reporting with dynamic dashboard
  • +  Trackable data via Google Analytics

*Multiple market targeting requires multiple vehicle listings per market, meaning you will be responsible for paying the base posting fee for each additional post.

8. How much is it?
Craigslist charges $5 per vehicle per market to post a vehicle in the Cars+Trucks section of Craigslist, and most dealers receive 1st party leads for less than $10 per lead from Craigslist. Dealers United charges a monthly service fee and vehicle posting fee, and you can setup a maximum monthly budget that will automatically set which vehicles to prioritize based on your budget. Schedule a demo now to plan your Craigslist Posting budget.
9. Will it work with my inventory feed provider?
Yes, our program can upload your inventory to Craigslist regardless of your feed provider.
10. Can I track the results from my Craigslist postings in Google Analytics?
Yes. With all digital advertising, you should always be able to track your efforts directly in Google Analytics. If your vendor is withholding Google Analytics access or data from you, help us hold them accountable by telling us about it here.
11. What results can I expect?
The average dealer posting 100 used inventory to Craigslist through our program will receive:

  • +  167 phone calls
  • +  428 clicks to site
  • +  11 emails
  • +  1 text leads
  • +  11 cars sold
12. How long do listings run on Craigslist for?
We run the average listing 30 days. Our posting schedule is as follows:

Day 1: 40% of Dealer Inventory is posted, selected by which vehicles are “trending” in your dealership’s market, so that we rank when a user searches for a specific keyword. (82% of Craigslist shoppers use this option).

Day 2-30: Remainder of Dealer Inventory is posted. This ensures your inventory is at the top of the SRP for users who aren’t using the search box.

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