Volkswagen CPO/TDI Facebook & Instagram Ad Blueprint

What is the VW CPO/TDI Facebook & Instagram Blueprint?

Co-op approved and 50% reimburseableA proven CPO/TDI full funnel strategy that reaches across Facebook & InstagramReach shoppers near your dealership interested in CPO and TDI

Generate 1st party, VIN-specific CPO vehicle leadsConquest owners of competitive models (BMW, Mazda)Get Sales Matchback Reports every month to track & measure vehicle sales

What are VW dealers saying about it?

— Matt Welch, GM at Auburn Volkswagen

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does This Program Cost?

We have (3) budget options that are approved for this program. ($3,500 – $5,000 – $7500) Most dealers base their monthly investment by how many CPO/TDI dollars they have available in their account. Another factor is the amount of CPO or TDI vehicles you have on the ground and/or the size of your market. No matter your budget, you will get real time results, sold reports, and ROI recommendations so that you can make sure you have the right spend for your unique dealership.

How Do Feature My Own Inventory In These Ads?

Our platform pulls your live inventory daily, with pricing updates and real-time availability. We target two different groups of prospects with your inventory: 1) Local in-market shoppers that we think may be interested in vehicles similar to your CPO inventory, and 2) anyone on your actual website that have looked at or expressed interest in your CPO or TDI inventory. Once we identify that a prospect is interested in our vehicles types, or actual specific vehicles we will continue to show them relevant inventory until they are no longer interested.

Are These The Same Ads That VW Offers Dealers?

These ads were custom built to be ideal for multiple ad formats and platforms USING the content that is already approved by VW, as a baseline. These ads are not only already approved but are designed to be the right size, shape, and format to perform best on every platform car shoppers are visiting, including Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories, and Facebook News Feed and Marketplace ads. These ads are also dynamic including our ad content, and YOUR live inventory to create the best result possible for your ad dollars.

How Can I Tell If The Ads Are Working?

With this program, our ability to show and investigate return on investment is our #1 value proposition to our dealers wanting to sell more CPO inventory and track their spend carefully. You can monitor and gauge your ad spend based on your incoming CPO VIN leads to your CRM, website clicks from ads, video plays, ad clicks, ad views, cost per impression, and/or tons of other great metrics that may be the most relevant to your dealership and goals. At the end of the month we can reference your sold list and show you exactly which sold CPO units were affected by our Facebook and Instagram ads!

How Do You Determine Who May Be Interested In My CPO Inventory?

There are 2 primary way to determine which prospects are interested in your CPO or TDI vehicles. The first is to use Facebook’s in-market designators to determine actual prospects in your area searching for specific vehicle types that you have CPO inventory available for. We are able to target these prospects with your relevant CPO inventory, and follow up with them based on their initial engagement with your ads! Additionally, we can retarget all of your website visitors interested in these vehicle types. This ensures the vehicles they show interest in while they are on your website follow them to the social platforms where they are spending their time while NOT on your site!

How Much Of My Ad Spend Goes Directly To Running Ads?

With this program there are very specific rules that we must follow to ensure our ads are approved, and our billing process follows the IDM guidelines. Dealers United takes the program’s standard 20% of your ad spend to build, manage, and maintenance your account including testing to ensure your live inventory is functioning properly. There are no other fees we charge on this program, including use of and conversion of the ad series that we use to power this program.

Is There A Monthly Budget Limit On This Program?

There is a natural budget limit on any campaign based on your audience size, ad content type, and goals. We have dealers that spend as little as $3,500 month on Facebook and Instagram for this program and see great results; we also have dealers that spend over $7,500 on these two platforms every single month and track all their results in real time to ensure their return on investment! For dealers wanting to invest more budget in the results they get from this program, our dedicated Performance Team will help you choose the best areas and strategies to invest more in to prevent oversaturation or overspend.

Why Should I Invest In This CPO Program Instead of TV/Radio?

Unlike TV commercials where even the cable provider cannot be sure their offer is even “available in your area,” our program allows to dealers to target very specific neighborhoods, cities, large local employers, and anywhere or anyone else they would like. Rather than playing the same ad over and over on TV or radio this allows your dealership to talk to your prospects about relevant offers, real reasons to buy from your dealership, and then show them actual CPO vehicles they are likely to want to purchase.

Facebook Success Stories


Sarasota Ford

Custom, made-for-you messaging resulting in a 125x return on ad spend


Shelor Motor Mile

Facebook dynamic ads bring in more local car buyers and led to 92 matched car sales


Hub City Ford

New dynamic ads with lead generation helped drive 154 new CRM leads


Source: Facebook Success Story: Sarasota Ford, April 2017 | Shelor Motor Mile, February 2018 | Hub City Ford, April 2018

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