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5 Proven Plays You Can Deploy To Tackle Your Dealership’s Biggest Problems

Steal These 5 Digital Campaigns To Help Solve Your Dealership’s Worst Pain Points



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Presented by Pete Petersen
CEO of Dealers United

A re you too dependent on 3rd party leads? Having trouble finding service techs? Reliant on going to auction? In this session, we’ll dissect the top pain points we hear from dealers nationwide and equip your store with 5 proven, ready-to-launch campaigns that you can use to overcome them.

In this session, you will:

Leave with 5 proven, ready-to-launch campaigns and turn big challenges into major successes. Learn the EXACT strategies that are working for dealerships today, from owning your backyard to hiring more qualified service technicians. Create the perfect “lever” for your store that you can pull to tackle any pain point you may face in 2018 and beyond.

These strategies are pretty common sense, but not commonly practiced, and are the competitive advantage your store needs to own its backyard!

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