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New Dealer Success Story: Granger Chevrolet

Our Facebook Solutions

Big social strategies that solve big problems.

Need more service leads? Want more eyes on your inventory? Whatever it is, our core Facebook packages can help.

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Increase Pre-Owned Sales

Live Inventory Ads 

Sync your on-the-ground inventory Facebook and Instagram ads delivered to In-Market Shoppers in real-time.

Popular Features:

Real-Time Vehicle Ads

VIN-Specific Leads to CRM

Dynamic Vehicle Retargeting

Own Your Backyard

Custom Dealership Ads

Grow your local brand by reaching specific members of your community with segmented offers and your own unique messaging.

Popular Features:

Micro Community Videos and Ads

Custom Service Campaigns

Bring-Your-Own Video

Sell More New Cars

New Vehicle Ads 

Advertise your monthly OEM incentives, live new car inventory, and beautiful model lines to New Vehicle Shoppers.

Popular Features:

Custom Specials Every Month

New Vehicle Inventory Ads

Full-Funnel Strategy

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What are dealers saying about Dealers United?

“I feel like I’ve brought digital advertising “in-house” with Dealers United. Instead of dealing with 8 different vendors or a big, expensive agency that isn’t auto-specific, I have a single point of contact that knows my account and is always looking for ways we can improve. I feel like we’re not in this alone.” Todd Citron

Dealer Principal, Hub City Ford

“Dealers United is the first company to have ever reached out at the end of the month to check in and see what else they can do for us to reach our monthly goals. Dealers United is definitely the most professional, proactive, and present company out of all of them. They definitely create a relationship.” Brandon Dunham

Marketing Director, Lost Pines Toyota

“Just over a year ago we made the decision to break away from the traditional endemic digital advertising platforms such as Cars.com, AutoTrader, Edmunds, etc., and began a deeper partnership with Dealers United…The strategy has paid off in ways we could have never projected, changed the way we sell cars for the better and – as much as the endemic sites try to come back – there is no need for them anymore.” Michael Renaud

Vice President, Leader Automotive Group

“Before Dealers United, our vendor was running our cost-per-click up and it was the most painful experience I’ve dealt with professionally. There’s definitely a higher level of communication with Dealers United that makes it so much easier to manage what’s going on with our digital advertising.” Annette Freetage

Digital Marketing Manager, Ford of Ventura

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