We use Facebook & Instagram to solve dealerships’ business challenges.

Our Packages

Social strategies that drive sales + service revenue

Need more eyeballs on your inventory? Want to own your backyard? Generate more service revenue? Whatever it is, our 3 Facebook packages can help:

Pre-Owned Inventory + VIN Lead Ads

Sync your on-the-ground inventory to Facebook and Instagram ads delivered to In-Market Shoppers in real-time.

Popular Features:

Real-Time Vehicle Ads

Dynamic Vehicle Retargeting

VIN-Specific Leads To CRM

Facebook Syndication + Free Marketplace

Sync your entire pre-owned vehicle inventory to Facebook for $100/mo and post to Marketplace free.

Popular Features:

Low Monthly Fee

Unlimited Vehicle Listings

No Pricey Product Bundles Required

Branding + Community Custom Ads

Get your videos, community events, and competitive selling points in front of shoppers near your zip code.

Popular Features:

Service Offers And Ads

Custom Community Messages

Branding Videos

Why Us?

We know Facebook Ads for auto

We Are A Top Facebook Automotive Partner

Dealers United is a Top-Tier Facebook Partner and a Digital Marketer Certified Partner. We’ll help bring your dealership the latest Facebook insights and the newest digital strategies both inside and outside the industry.

Top 10 Facebook Automotive Agency

Facebook Inventory Partner for Facebook Marketplace

Access to free Alpha and Beta tests with Facebook


What are dealers saying?

“I feel like I’ve brought digital advertising “in-house” with Dealers United. Instead of dealing with 8 different vendors or a big, expensive agency that isn’t auto-specific, I have a single point of contact that knows my account and is always looking for ways we can improve. I feel like we’re not in this alone.”

Todd Citron

Dealer Principal, Hub City Ford

“Dealers United is the first company to have ever reached out at the end of the month to check in and see what else they can do for us to reach our monthly goals. Dealers United is definitely the most professional, proactive, and present company out of all of them. They definitely create a relationship.”

Brandon Dunham

Marketing Director, Lost Pines Toyota

“Just over a year ago we made the decision to break away from the traditional endemic digital advertising platforms such as Cars.com, AutoTrader, Edmunds, etc., and began a deeper partnership with Dealers United…The strategy has paid off in ways we could have never projected, changed the way we sell cars for the better and – as much as the endemic sites try to come back – there is no need for them anymore.”

Michael Renaud

Vice President, Leader Automotive Group

“Before Dealers United, our vendor was running our cost-per-click up and it was the most painful experience I’ve dealt with professionally. There’s definitely a higher level of communication with Dealers United that makes it so much easier to manage what’s going on with our digital advertising.”

Annette Freetage

Digital Marketing Manager, Ford of Ventura