Pay $59 ONE-TIME & get unlimited, FREE Facebook Marketplace listings. No bundles or add-ons required.

Pay a $59 activation fee and sync your inventory to Facebook Marketplace, with unlimited postings for $0 a month.

Activate Marketplace – only $59

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The One-Time $59 Activation Fee Cover?

Our one-time fee covers pulling your inventory feed data, standardizing and formatting the feed according to Facebook’s guidelines, and then syncing that through the Facebook Marketplace API.

Do I Have To Buy More Products Or Services Through Dealers United In Order To Get Facebook Marketplace?

No! While many providers are requiring dealers to bundle products or purchase their full product suite, Dealers United wants to help level the playing field by providing Marketplace access for ANY dealership for a one-time fee of $59, without the fine print

Can I List My Own Vehicle Inventory In Facebook Marketplace Without Going Through An Approved Inventory Partner?

No. Unfortunately, Facebook requires all dealerships to work with a Facebook Marketplace inventory partner to list their inventory, but some inventory providers charge higher fees than others.

How Often Will My Inventory Be Updated?

Our inventory feed sync triggers every 12 hours in order to ensure your most recent inventory feed is shown in Marketplace.

What’s The Difference Between Marketplace Listings And Facebook Ads?

Marketplace listings are served to active shoppers searching for a vehicle and do not require ad spend. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads proactively target vehicle shoppers with your inventory and relevant offers and send them to your website for future retargeting.

How Many Vehicles Will I Be Able To List?

You can list an unlimited amount of pre-owned inventory to Marketplace.

What Do You Need From My Dealership To Get Started?

Your website provider and access to your dealership’s Facebook Page. Once you submit your $59 activation fee, you will be sent our Onboarding Checklist to help you get started with Marketplace right away.

I’m Already Working With A Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partner. What Should I Do?

Examine your costs and product bundles! Are you paying for a high number of unwanted services just to list inside of Marketplace? Ask your vendor to line-item out your product bundle and identify how much you’re paying for Marketplace. For best results, dealerships should work with only 1 inventory partner at at time. Working with more than one partner may result in fewer leads from Marketplace overall.

Can I List New Vehicle Inventory In Facebook Marketplace?

No, only pre-owned inventory can be listed inside of Facebook Marketplace.

Why Should I Be Listing My Inventory Inside Of Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is quickly becoming the hottest and most widely-used classifieds listing site (800M active shoppers per month). Shoppers feel more secure since all listings are attached to public profiles, and products are listed on the same platform they already are accustomed to.

“We sold a car today off Facebook on a used car. A couple quick messages, pictures of the car, video, all done on Messenger. Customer came in today, picked up his car, and delivered. There’s no better proof of that."

– Michael Renaud, Leader Automotive Group

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