Ford Instagram Exclusivity Program

Be the only Ford dealer in your PMA with the newest in-market shopper strategy.

Lock in Full Market Exclusivity on the platform your competition isn’t using (yet).

Most Tier III Ford dealers are investing in digital advertising. But only a handful are taking advantage of the platform that has 500MM daily users and 2x higher interaction than Facebook: Instagram.


Strategically showcase your  Ford models & incentives

We identify every stage of a Ford In-Market Shopper’s buyer journey and deliver the most relevant content to them with a custom library of 150+ ad units.


Use Oracle Data to locate and reach thousands of In-Market Ford Shoppers interested in New inventory near your store.

Monthly specials

Introduce your key model lines, drive video views, and update your specials + incentives every month with over 150 custom ad units.

Advertise on-the-ground New and CPO Inventory 

Today’s New Car shopper knows the vehicle they want before they ever set foot on your lot. Display your live inventory so In-Market Shoppers can see your full selection of New and CPO Inventory.    

Feed Integration

Syndicate your on-the-ground inventory to Instagram with automatic updates every 24 hours.

Dynamic Retargeting

Follow up with shoppers who leave your site with exact & similar VINs viewed.

100% Ford Co-Opable. Full Market Exclusivity. Guaranteed Unit Sales.

100% Co-Op Reimbursable

Have spare Co-Op funds? You’re in luck. These campaigns are 100% Co-Op approved. Plus, we do all the legwork for you from Pre-Approval to Submission to help you get your money back.

Full Market Exclusivity

Our Full Market Exclusivity Model is on a first-come-first-served basis: the 1st Ford dealer in your PMA to opt into the program will be the only Ford dealer in your local market with this powerful toolkit.

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Our 90 Day 30 Unit Sales Guarantee promises that if we are unable to attribute at least 30 unit sales to your campaign within 90 days, you can cancel your agreement, no questions asked.

2 Ford case studies verified & published by Facebook Business.

"These ads have played a key part in our growth over the last 12 months. Last year, we saw a 10% increase in vehicle sales while investing 24% less than we did the previous year. Our experience with Dealers United has been outstanding. We do not them as a vendor, we view them as a partner. They know they when we succeed, they succeed."

– Matt Snead, Director of Marketing at Power Ford

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