For Honda dealers who:

Need to get a Buy Back and Pre-Order strategy live NOW to combat low inventory...

Are spending MORE money but getting LESS leads with current ad strategies...

Want to steal traffic from the dealership down the street!

23% of sales

Social Ads Drove 23% of H1 Sales

$75.17 Cost/Unit Sold

& 272 Unit Sales Matched

"Social media is the new gathering place of humanity: it’s where our customers are. And Dealers United has done an incredible job delivering social ads for us. Plus, they’ve empowered our teams with education on how to best leverage social media to engage with our communities. With their help, we’ve had success, and we greatly appreciate the partnership."

— Sam D'Arc| COO, Zeigler Auto Group

23% of sales

Social Ads Drove 23% of H1 Sales 

$75.17 Cost/Unit Sold

& 272 Unit Sales Matched

Build your custom Honda “Social Selling System” with our team of experts.


What is the Honda “Social Selling System”?

The Secret To Making Social A Revenue Stream

Is your Honda dealership looking for more than just inventory ads? Are you searching for a strategy that will truly make a difference in your bottom line? Look no further. Our real customer accounts showcase how other Honda stores are successfully using this Social Selling System to acquire more vehicles and boost car sales.

Learn the Winning Strategy FOR APPS LIKE INSTAGRAM & TIKTOK
Learn the exact same selling process top Honda stores and OEMs use to generate new leads & sales through the most widely used social media ad platforms in the US + Canada.


Stand out from the competition with our “Value First” approach that goes above and beyond traditional social ad strategies. Align your brand with value and create powerful, unique ad campaigns that captivate your audience.

A Data-Driven Formula That NO Other Social Ads Vendor Is Using

Get The Data Secrets To Reaching In-Market Honda Shoppers

Generate an avalanche of traffic with our 4 proven Honda audience buckets, laser-targeting your ideal customers, blanketing your area with your dealership’s brand, and conquesting competitive makes & models.

Build A "Full-Funnel" Strategy That Goes Way Beyond Inventory Ads

Discover our ‘value first’ approach to generating interest and hyper-targeting your audience with the right offer at the right time. We’ll create a full-fledged, multi-platform social ads campaign around your dealership’s events, vehicles, specials, and community. 

Magically Change Your Ads Based On Shopper Behavior

Our ad solutions are so intelligent that your ad copy, placements, and even calls-to-action will change based on how shoppers engage with you. For example: If they visited a VDP but didn’t submit a lead, your ads would evolve to then show that exact VIN paired with lead forms to get them to come back and convert. 

Match Vehicle Sales Directly To Your Ads & Prove ROI

Our goal is to make it clear that your ad campaigns are working — or not. We help you see the full attribution path, from click, to lead, to car sale. Each month, you’ll be able to see how many of your car sales are attributed to your social ad campaigns, plus your cost per unit sold. 

Build your custom Honda “Social Selling System” with our team of experts.


An ad strategy for any goal your Honda dealership has!

Showcase the unique qualities of your highly coveted Honda models, deploy a new Pre-Order campaign, or show off behind-the-scenes of your service team. Whatever your business goals, our full-funnel strategies can be quickly deployed ads across top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest to help you reach them.

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