Stellantis Omnisocial Ads

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South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Case Study

Mike Chorba | Sales & Finance Manager | South County Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
“Our goal is to dominate our market in all aspects of the auto industry. With how competitive our DMA is, that can be challenging at times. One area I don't have to worry about now, is our social media presence. Dealers United has helped us build the ultimate ad set for our customer base. The cost per lead and cost per sale is something that most Social ad based companies could only dream of achieving. We are saving thousands every month over previous providers and seeing 8 to 10 times the results with Dealers United. Now that is dominating in a space!"

Cut the number of days vehicles are on your lot in half.

Leverage proven Stellantis social media ads to showcase the model lines you need to move now.  With a full-funnel ad strategy, you will guide local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram shoppers to your dealership for their next vehicle—and keep them coming back. 


Access ready-to-deploy Stellantis Ad Playbooks to get to market faster.

Leave the heavy lifting to our expert Ad Team, who have optimized Stellantis assets for top advertising platforms with audience targeting and ad copy proven to drive results. Quickly set your target audience and budget then let our Stellantis Playbooks drive results.


Track and measure vehicle sales in our real-time dashboard.

Easily understand your return on investment down to the unit sale, see which ads are performing best, and even launch brand new ads all within the Dealers United Dashboard.

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