Automotive SEM Services For Car Dealers

Best-in-class Automotive SEM Services capture in-market car shoppers to turn a search into a sale.

Dealers United SEM Services

Leverage the power of Search Engine Marketing to answer the local consumer the instant they’re looking for it. Our SEM experts, backed by AI, navigate the nuances of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search platforms to optimize bids and keyword relevancy so you get maximum high intent traffic at the lowest cost per click.

Dealers United is a proud Google Partner.

Activate custom strategies with immediate measurable results

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our Automotive SEM Services are crafted based on in-depth discovery of your dealership’s business goals and target audiences.

Comprehensive Keyword Bidding

We cover full-funnel Keywords across the auto buyer journey, from brand and location to OEM and model lines, we prioritize budget on high-intent low-funnel searches indicating most likely to buy soon.

Turn Clicks To Dealership Visits

We turn on-line searches into off-line actions by utilizing effective ad formatting, like the Location Extension, to get shoppers from the Search Engine Results Page to your dealership’s front door.

Automotive SEM experts backed by AI.

A tool is only as effective as the hands that use it. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way we work including our Automotive SEM Services. Our Search Team leverages AI to read digital signals to anticipate changing consumer behavior while implementing best practices to optimize strategies to most likely result in a conversion. With the combination of automated, dynamic strategies and our top performing SEM team, your dealership will win the click (and the sale).

Deploy tested and proven ad formats to out-perform your competitor.

Using a combination of Responsive Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and Shopping ads is where our team truly shines. We find the right combination of formats to engage the auto buyer with personalized results based on their online search and shopping activity.

Other Auto SEM Vendors

Basic keyword strategy targeting only low funnel traffic

Lazy set-it-and-forget-it campaign structure updated annually

Geo-targeted audiences filtered by demographics

Equalized bidding on all search traffic and match types

One-size-fits-all reporting focusing only on last click attribution

General Ticket or Support queue

Dealers United SEM Services

Full-funnel keywords based on your unique goals and in-depth research

Campaign optimization leveraging best practices with ongoing testing

Advanced audiences layering device, time, and previous shopping activity

Dynamic bidding based on digital signals and backed by AI

Data driven reporting to assign attribution where it matters most

Dedicated Performance Manager

Why Us?

Expertly Managed, Laser-Focused, And Designed For ROI.

No one checks the second page. If your dealership isn’t the highest ranking answer, you’re losing the click to your competitor. Done right, Automotive SEM captures in-market auto buyers in key digital touch points to drive more action to your bottom line.

Comprehensive Research

We deep dive into each dealer’s target audience, geographic market, competitive landscape, and overall business goals.

Customizable Keyword Strategy

Based on your unique goals. Whether you want to reclaim marketshare, expand to new audiences, or increase current efficiency, we work with you to find the the optimal approach.

Clear & Fixed Pricing

We do not charge you a percentage of ad spend. Instead, our packages are designed with transparency in mind. Know exactly what you are paying for every month.


Dedicated Performance Manager

Our digital marketing specialists provide white-glove service and communication to  help you reach your monthly goals, monitor campaigns, and optimize your ROI.

Customer Match Targeting

Use your own CRM data like recently sold lists and current customers to help you build and target the most powerful audiences possible.

SEO + SEM Strategy Integration

Cohesive keyword strategies where SEM and SEO are working together to achieve optimal visibility between paid and organic efforts.

Performance-Focused Ad Formats

We setup and leverage multiple ad formats that are most likely to engage with high-intent low-funnel shoppers. 

Ongoing Optimization

We apply a test and learn methodology to assess areas such as account structure, keywords, targeting, bidding, ad copy to align with best practices and make enhancements.

All Network Placements

Maximize the reach and spend of your SEM campaigns across Google Search, Google Display, Microsoft Bing Search, and YouTube.

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