Attention-Grabbing Advertising Ideas for Car Dealers


Attention-Grabbing Advertising Ideas for Car Dealerships

Selling cars is a competitive business. As a car dealership owner, you need creative advertising ideas that grab customer attention in your local market. The right advertising keeps your dealership top-of-mind while bringing in qualified buyers. This article outlines a ton of advertising ideas for car dealerships along with tips for SEO and content optimization.

Social Media Video Ads are Critical

Did you know that 88% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video?

And 91% of the U.S. population can be reached across 5 channels – hint: they’re all social media…

Given the high social media consumption on mobile devices, video ads are crucial for dealership marketing. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Vehicle Walkarounds

Create short video walkarounds showing vehicle features and trims, optimizing for mobile viewing. Geo-target these locally.

Behind the Scenes

Livestream or run candid B-roll video showing behind the scenes of your dealership. This builds customer relationships.

Specials and Events

Promote current specials plus community events you are sponsoring for increased local visibility and engagement.

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Optimizing for Local SEO

Dealerships rely heavily on online local search, which is why it’s so important for your dealership to optimize for SEO so that you are the first result car shoppers see when searching locally.

Optimize for SEO through Google Business Listing, Schema Markup, and Local Link Building.

Google My Business Listing

Complete and regularly maintain your Google My Business dealership listing for local search visibility. This means your listing should include your dealership’s website, phone number, hours of operation, address, images, reviews, and more…


Schema Markup

Add schema markup to your site enhancing the search engine visibility of your hours, inventory, specials and reviews.

Local Link Building

Build local links, map citations and directory listings to signal relevance for local car shopper keywords and searches. For the best dealership search engine optimization, Dealers United offers comprehensive SEO services.

Location-Based Mobile Advertising

Another local advertising tactic is advertising to mobile devices near your dealership via platforms like Google and Facebook. Geo-conquest competing dealers with mobile ads triggered in their vicinity.

By mixing and matching the above advertising ideas for your local market while monitoring performance, your dealership gains regional visibility and builds consumer awareness needed to sustain sales growth.

3 Email Campaigns to Send to Previous Car Buyers

Email marketing achieves high conversion rates due to preexisting customer relationships. Tap past customers via service reminders, new arrival alerts and newsletters!

Service Reminders

Email reminders about upcoming vehicle service needs. This brings customers back to your service bays.

New Arrival Alerts

When new inventory arrives, email announcements to customers who recently purchased or browsed a similar vehicle type.

Email Newsletters

Send regular dealership e-newsletters with sale events, staff spotlights, community initiatives and light humor. Give customers a reason to keep opening and engaging.
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Utilizing TV Commercials to Drive Brand Awareness

TV advertising can drive major brand awareness and sales if done right. Your dealership can maximize local TV commercials with appealing visuals, limited time offers, local targeting and easy ways to take action.

Appealing Visuals

Include eye-catching footage of your latest vehicle inventory in action on scenic local roads. This catches channel flippers’ attention.

Limited Time Offers

Run TV spots advertising seasonal sales events, holiday sales and other limited offers. Scarcity and urgency prompt viewer action.

Local Targeting

Geo-target ads so they only run in your metro area. Local relevance improves engagement and minimizes wasted ad spend.


Close each commercial with a strong CTA like “Stop by this weekend for our Seasonal Sale!” This drives in-store traffic.

Targeted Radio Advertising

Like TV, radio advertising targets local listeners during drive times. Use these radio ad tips:

Catchy Jingles

Commission a catchy custom jingle for your dealership. Upbeat music in ads boosts brand recall.

Hyper Local Stations

Run ads on niche radio stations catering to specific towns near your dealership. Hyper local stations build localization and community trust.

Rush Hour and Weekends

Purchase ads during peak drive times and weekends when more locals are on the road, potentially hearing and responding to your ad.

Bringing It All Together for Dealership Advertising Success

Implementing a strategic mix of digital advertising gives your dealership the visibility needed to drive more foot traffic, phone calls, and website visits from car buyers in your area.

As you explore the advertising ideas covered in this article, tap into the expertise of Dealers United to execute campaigns optimized for your market…

Our full-service automotive digital solutions unite advanced targeting, creative concepting and performance tracking to achieve your dealership’s sales goals. With the right advertising plan and partner, your dealership can dominate the local car sales market well into the future.

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Written By Lauren Blackwell
Lauren Blackwell is a skilled content marketer who has spent the past 3 years working in automotive advertising technology and now brings her unique experiences to Dealers United. From running ad campaigns, to curating auto-specific resources, Lauren is empowered to create valuable content to help automotive dealers thrive on social media.

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