About Us

Learn more about where we came from, what keeps us moving forward, and the people that make it all possible.

From resellers to innovators

Where We Started

We were founded by 2 car guys — Top 100 Ford Dealer, Matt Buchanan of Sarasota Ford, and founder of Homenet, Jesse Biter— who shared a vision to provide the best solutions in the industry at prices that enable them to be truly successful.

With the power of over 6,500 dealers behind us, we vetted hundreds of industry vendors and partnered with top solutions that would help dealers cut costs, save time, and sell more cars.

When Facebook exploded in 2014, many automotive social agencies were up for partnerships, but we found that few (if any) were helping dealers turn Facebook’s platform into an actual revenue stream.

Where We Are Now

In 2018, we made it our mission to help dealerships solve real business challenges using Facebook and Instagram. Today, we are recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner, #1 Facebook auto agency in best practice adoption and ad spend for consecutive quarters, and a Facebook Top Automotive Provider.

Now, with the average person having 8 social media accounts, we are expanding our clients’ reach from Facebook and Instagram to additional emerging channels such as Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. While some of these ad platforms are still in beta, this is your opportunity to unlock platforms that few have mastered, learn what makes your market tick, and capture market share sooner than anyone else in your backyard.



What We Believe

The values that drive us

Guide & Inspire

We exist to guide & inspire the people we work with.

Jump In

Whether among our own team or with our customers/partners, we will always ask “How can I jump in and help?”

"At Life"

We don’t strive for a “work-life balance.” We create a fun environment that is neither at work or at home, but simply “at life.”

Learn & Lead

We believe in constant learning, encouraging growth, and leading by example—both professionally and personally.

Our team culture

The DU Family

At DU, we know that a company is only as good as the people behind it. That’s why we do our best to bring a little fun into every day; why we offer big bonuses based on continued learning; and why our trust is given, rather than earned. We’ve built a culture that invests in our people, because we know that’s where good work and success really comes from. Our team may be small, but we solve BIG problems together, all the while making time for foosball games, music battles, and team lunches every Friday. We know nowadays many employees say they have a good work life, but here, we’re simply “at life.” After all, who needs work-life balance when you actually like coming to work?


What our customers are saying:

“I feel like I’ve brought digital advertising “in-house” with Dealers United. Instead of dealing with 8 different vendors or a big, expensive agency that isn’t auto-specific, I have a single point of contact that knows my account and is always looking for ways we can improve. I feel like we’re not in this alone.”
Todd Citron

Dealer Principal, Hub City Ford

“Dealers United is the first company to have ever reached out at the end of the month to check in and see what else they can do for us to reach our monthly goals. Dealers United is definitely the most professional, proactive, and present company out of all of them. They definitely create a relationship.”
Brandon Dunham

Marketing Director, Lost Pines Toyota

“Just over a year ago we made the decision to break away from the traditional endemic digital advertising platforms such as Cars.com, AutoTrader, Edmunds, etc., and began a deeper partnership with Dealers United…The strategy has paid off in ways we could have never projected, changed the way we sell cars for the better and – as much as the endemic sites try to come back – there is no need for them anymore.”
Michael Renaud

Vice President, Leader Automotive Group

“Before Dealers United, our vendor was running our cost-per-click up and it was the most painful experience I’ve dealt with professionally. There’s definitely a higher level of communication with Dealers United that makes it so much easier to manage what’s going on with our digital advertising.”
Annette Freetage

Digital Marketing Manager, Ford of Ventura

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