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Dale VS. Munchies 420 Wing Challenge

Have you ever tasted a ghost pepper? If you have, imagine what eating 10 wings soaked in ghost pepper marinade (plus just about every other red-hot spice on the face of the earth) would do to you. If you haven’t ever had the luxury of trying one, well…it isn’t pretty. So naturally, we dared Dale to take the ghost-pepper Wing Challenge at one of our staple eateries, Munchies 420. And just as naturally, he accepted.

Dealers United by the numbers

our area code in the heart of downtown Sarasota, FL

# of crazy employee birthday cakes (to date)

hazy trolley runs across town

cups of coffee brewed every week

# of times we’ve thought our fish has gone belly-up

# of miles ran in the Tough Mudder obstacle course

o’clock – the time we go out for team lunch every Friday

# of red, rolling chairs ready for racing

House rules:

  1. If you’re stressed, pick up a foosball game.
  2. If you’re really stressed, pick up a beer.
  3. Remove your K-Cups from the Keurig when you’ve finished brewing your coffee. Burn cream is in the cupboard.
  4. If you’re over 15 minutes late in the morning, you must bring everyone Einstein’s bagels. Or breakfast sandwiches. Team’s choice.
  5. When you make a sale, you must make noise. Feel free to hit the gong with all your might.
  6. If the office next door complains that you’re being too loud, flip their furniture upside down when they’re out for lunch.

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