Cavalier Ford Greenbrier: Facebook Advertising Success

How they boosted sales 26% while their market was in decline 

See how they leveraged OEM incentives to counter the effects of COVID-19 and increase sales 26% YoY

 See the ads that drove 546 leads to their website and CRM

How they used Facebook and Instagram to attribute 106 unit sales in 61 days

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Social media is huge right now and Dealers United is pumping traffic to our website from everyone who is spending more time scrolling through Facebook. We have other stores in our area that are running cookie-cutter Facebook campaigns and their stores are down 10% — we were up 26% last month and we’re on the edge of breaking a store record.

Zack Treece

General Sales Manager , Cavalier Ford Greenbrier

How they boosted sales 26% while their market was in decline

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