How Healey Brothers Hyundai Leveraged Social Ads to DrIve 29% of Q1 Sales

Social Ads Can Be Used For More Than Just Moving Inventory

Full-Funnel Social Advertising Strategy For Dealers

With every swipe of the thumb, dealers have the opportunity to get their brand on valuable visual real estate. If you are only running ads promoting your inventory, you’re limiting your success.

“Inventory is the foundation, but how do we introduce a new customer to your dealership or your brand?” asks Justin Friend. He continues, “It is important that the advertising strategy goes beyond just inventory to make sure that we are helping  solve challenges at each pain point that a dealership may face. For each of the profit centers in their business, we have a solution to help.”

Cater to the customer where they are spending time

Jay Healey, CMO of Healey Brothers Automotive Group said, “I think if you’re not doing Omnichannel in the automotive industry, if you’re not trying to spread your focus a little bit and reach the customer where they are, whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all these different great platforms, you’re missing big time. You want to display your message on all these platforms with everyone. You want to kind of cater to that customer on wherever they are. We’re huge believers in it. We’re connecting with that customer every single place where they are to really drive traffic to our dealerships.”

We can help you build a Social Ad strategy like Healey Brothers Automotive Group.

We Help Dealers USE SOCIAL ADS TO Sell More Cars.

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