Dealership Meta Ads Case Study

Strategy Spotlight: DELLA Chevrolet Leverages Meta Ads To Reach & Convert Highly Qualified Leads

Q2 2023 (3 Month) Results

Unit Sales Matched

Cost Per Unit Sold


of Sales Matched To Ads

Social Ad Strategy In Action:
💰 Showcasing Silverados Campaign

The Challenge

DELLA Chevrolet of Plattsburgh had a surplus of 2.7L Model Silverados that they needed to move off their lot. The dealership needed a successful solution to sell more Silverados so that they could fill it with other in-demand vehicles. 

The Solution

Dealers United helped the DELLA Chevrolet team build a new Inventory Ad campaign to help drive more Silverado traffic. The dynamic ad showed a walk-around video of the truck, with scrolling, live, on-the-ground Silverado inventory underneath, where users could click directly to the Silverado VDP they were interested in. Since its launch, the campaign has been successful helping DELLA sell additional Silverados every single month!


Audience Strategy:

  • In-market Chevrolet car shoppers
  • Within 25 mile radius

Ad Placements & Formats:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Stories placement

Dealer Testimonial

Anthony Della BellaCOO, DELLA Auto Group

“We love working with Dealers United because of their team and strategy. Our Performance Manager comes to the table with what’s working for dealers like us, and always is asking about our specific goals. The whole team delivers great looking ads that show off our monthly focus. This is a partnership that drives results!

A Full-Funnel Ad Strategy
(Q2 2023 Results)


“Why Buy” at DELLA Chevrolet Honda of Plattsburgh?

In the “Why Buy Here” stage, DELLA is able to show off the dealership’s credibility and commitment to their community. In this phase of their social ad strategy, DELLA Chevrolet of Plattsburgh made a point to deliver ads that speak to shoppers on a human to human level, with unique ads that differentiate their dealership, like:

  • “You’re not just our customers, you’re our neighbors.”
  • “Proudly serving the community for over 40 years!”
  • “Our happy customers…”
Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights


In-Market Shoppers Reached




CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)


Provide prospects with reasons to purchase at DELLA 

DELLA placed their inventory and specials in front of in-market car shoppers in the “Consideration” stage. With optimized social ads around available vehicles on their lot and the unique model-line features paired with existing specials, DELLA provided buyers with incentives to purchase from their dealership… For example, in one ad, DELLA Chevrolet of Plattsburgh promoted a $500 off all used + new inventory special!

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Click (CPC)


Landing Page Views


Selling more in-stock cars with dynamic inventory ads

During the “Conversion” phase, DELLA Chevrolet of Plattsburgh focused on reconnecting with prospective customers who had visited their Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) within the past 1-7 days. They implemented dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) to display exact vehicles viewed, along with other relevant models. DELLA’s ads were enhanced with Calls-to-Action including “Shop Now,” “Click to Call,” and “Message Us,” giving shoppers an easy way to take action and convert.

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Lead (CPL)


Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate


Q2 2023 (3 Month) Results

Unit Sales Matched

Cost Per Unit Sold


of Sales Matched To Ads

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