Dealership Omnisocial Ads Case Study

Strategy Spotlight: Hunt Auto Accelerates 2023 Growth With A Full-Funnel Omnisocial Ad Strategy

6 Month Results

Unit Sales Matched

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of Sales Matched To Ads

Hunt Auto’s Omni-Social Ad Strategy In Action đź’Ş

The Challenge

Hunt Auto wanted to be the most innovative dealer in the automotive industry. They dealership is committed to being on the cutting edge of digital marketing, and keeping their dealership ahead of the curve—and ahead of the competition. However, to do so required a strong knowledge of not only what new opportunities exist across all of the social platforms, but also how to maximize them.

The Solution

By partnering with Dealers United, Hunt Auto was able to be first in line to beta test and leverage the latest automotive omnisocial ad features. For example, when TikTok launched their new ad format, TikTok Video Shopping Ads, the Hunt team immediately worked with Dealers United to maximize them. To make the most of this exciting feature, Hunt Auto recorded videos tailored specifically to SUV moms and truck buyers, then added their live, scrolling SUV or truck inventory over the video. Combined with advanced targeting that perfectly aligned with their ads with their intended audience, this is still one of Hunt Auto’s favorite ad strategies to-date!


Audience Strategy:

  • In-market Ford & Chrysler shoppers
  • Within 25 mile radius

Ad Placements & Formats:

  • TikTok, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Snapchat, and Pinterest
  • Mobile, Desktop, and Stories placement

Dealer Testimonial

Ethan Shutt | Social Media Manager, Hunt Auto

“Dealers United provides some of the best quality Social Media Marketing in the business. We have been with them for over a year and we’ve consistently seen our paid engagement rates increase due to the content they’ve created. Their biggest strength is the creativity they use to make our ideas into full fledged campaigns.”


A Full-Funnel Omnisocial Ad Strategy
(Q1 & Q2 2023 Results)


“Why Buy” from Hunt Auto?

As a third-generation family-owned business, brand awareness is crucial to Hunt Auto. Using video content shot by their own team to give a “behind-the-scenes” feel, the dealership stayed top-of-mind with their local community across all social channels. Through this strategy, Hunt promoted the “hometown feel” that sets them apart, alongside a list of reasons to buy from them, including:

  • “Family owned and operated!”
  • “Always on sale…”
  • “Excellent service”
Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights


In-Market Shoppers Reached



$4.85 CPM

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)



Delivering Hunt Auto’s catalog to the right car shopper

During the “Consideration” stage, Hunt Auto leveraged dynamic vehicle ads across Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook to highlight their available cars and showcase their vehicle catalog to interested shoppers. With dynamic ads tailored to each shopper’s preference and browsing history, Hunt Auto delivered a personalized experience, enabling their dealership to lead their audience further into the funnel and toward becoming their customer.

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Click (CPC)


Finalizing the sale at Hunt Auto

In the “Conversion” stage, Hunt Auto retargeted shoppers who had previously expressed interest in their inventory. The dealership used custom ads across Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Pinterest showcasing financing options, encourage test drives, and even drive Messenger conversations. In one of their Conversion campaigns, they made it easy for shoppers to apply for financing online and reach a final purchase decision!

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Lead (CPL)


Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate


6 Month Results

Unit Sales Matched

Cost Per Unit Sold


of Sales Matched To Ads

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