Dealership Facebook Ads Case Study

Strategy Spotlight: Zeigler Honda of Racine’s Summer Sell Down & Full-Funnel Facebook Ads

6 Month Results

Unit Sales Matched

Cost Per Unit Sold


of Sales Matched To Ads

Social Ad Strategy In Action:
🔥 Summer Sell Down Campaign

The Challenge

Zeigler Honda of Racine had a surplus of inventory, with hundreds of vehicles on their lot heading into the summer. They needed a quick, versatile solution that they could easily turn on and drive traffic to their dealership right away.

The Solution

Dealers United helped the Zeigler Honda team to create a “Summer Sell Down” special event. We placed scroll-stopping Custom Ads promoting the new event in front of local in-market Honda shoppers, with summer-savvy creative and blazing hot specials! 

Audience Strategy:

  • Expiring lease
  • In-market Honda dealers
  • Within 25 mile radius

Ad Placements & Formats:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Stories placement


  • 1,120 leads
  • $0.25 cost per lead
  • 8 unit sales matched
  • $35.34 cost per unit sold

Dealer Testimonial

Sam D’Arc, COO |  Zeigler Auto Group

“Social media is the new gathering place of humanity: it’s where our customers are. And Dealers United has done an incredible job delivering social ads for us. Plus, they’ve empowered our teams with education on how to best leverage social media to engage with our communities. With their help, we’ve had success, and we greatly appreciate the partnership.”

A Full-Funnel Ad Strategy
(Q1 – Q2 2023 Results)


“Why Buy” at Zeigler Honda of Racine?

This is Zeigler’s favorite part of the social ad funnel: the “Why Buy Here” stage! In this phase of their social ad strategy, Zeigler Honda of Racine gets their team involved to show shoppers what their team and dealership is all about, with unique ads that set them apart from their competition, like:

  • “Meet Our Team (Service With A Smile!)”
  • “What Our Customers Say About Us…”
  • “Why We Are The #1 Honda Dealer in Wisconsin”
Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights


In-Market Shoppers Reached



$4.85 CPM

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)


Why the Honda Pilot beats the competitor

Zeigler reached shoppers who were in the “Consideration” stage with social ads around available inventory, optimized OEM content, and other content to help shoppers decide which vehicle they want to buy, and who they want to buy it from. For example, in one ad, Zeigler Honda of Racine reached SUV shoppers with an ad that compared the Honda Pilot with its competitor, the Ford Explorer, based on its fuel efficiency.

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Click (CPC)


Landing Page Views


Revving up car sales with dynamic inventory ads

In the “Conversion” stage, Zeigler Honda of Racine retargeted shoppers who had visited one of their VDPs within the last 1-7 days. The dealership used dynamic automotive inventory ads (AIA) that showed the shopper the exact vehicles they viewed, plus other similar models. By pairing these ads with strong calls-to-action like Shop Now, Click to Call, and Message Us, Zeigler gave shoppers all the tools they needed to take the next step and convert.

Snapchat Automotive Inventory Ads Audience Insights




Cost Per Lead (CPL)


Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate

6 Month Results

Unit Sales Matched

Cost Per Unit Sold


of Sales Matched To Ads

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