Zeigler Automotive Group ON humanizing their brand through social ads

How Zeigler Automotive Turns Culture & Community Into Car Sales

“Social Is The New Gathering Place For Humanity”

Zeigler Automotive Group encourages their team to take ownership of content that can be used across social media, and even in their paid ad strategies, to help humanize their brand.

“Social media is the new gathering place of humanity; its where our customers are, where they reside,” said Sam D’Arc, COO at Zeigler Auto Group. With Dealers United’s education around how they can utilize different social platforms and strategies, the dealership group says they’ve empowered their teams, taken risks, and seen it pay off.


“It’s a fun, exciting, different way to have impact. It first translates into culture, and who we are, and makes us proud of what we do,” continued Sam. But then it ends up translating into ‘Hey, I want to do business with Zeigler Auto Group because I see you are having a heck of a lot of fun, you really truly enjoy what you do, and I want to be apart of that.

Lindsay Latsko, Director of Internet and Marketing Operations at Zeigler agrees. “You really don’t walk into a lot of dealerships and feel the energy that you feel when you walk into a Zeigler store,” she said. “We need to get that messaging out to our customers, and to our community. And places like TikTok, that’s a great way to show that, and really just connect with that customer in a different way.”

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