The 3 Biggest Facebook Mistakes Even Advanced Dealer Marketers Are Making

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Every dealership has a different Facebook strategy, from Boosting posts, to filming videos, to spending thousands on ads…

But are you guilty of making expensive, brand-threatening mistakes along the way?

Join us for this exclusive, invite-only webinar co-hosted by Matt Sneed, Director of Marketing at Power Ford, and Pete Petersen, CEO at Dealers United, as we share not only how we avoided these mistakes, but also give away Facebook secrets that increased Power Ford’s sales by 10% while reducing $285,000 in less than 12 months.

Plus, there will be a Live Q&A with the Matt so you can ask specific questions that could help your dealership THIS MONTH.

Learn how to avoid:
❌ …making a bad first impression with vehicle photos + videos

❌…being “the hero” in their story

❌ marketing to everyone (which is marketing to no one)!

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Matt Sneed

Director of Marketing 
Power Ford

Matt Sneed has redefined consumer engagement at Power Ford by taking a creative, innovative and forward thinking approach to advertising and marketing within the automotive space. Matt views the ownership experience with the brand holistically, which has helped Power Ford dramatically increase sales and drive consumer satisfaction. 

Pete Petersen

Dealers United

Pete Petersen is the driving force behind identifying the opportunity within Facebook’s platform, the digital media space, and the automotive industry with company Dealers United. By creating a digital driven and cutting-edge product, Pete has furthered Dealers United’s mission to help every auto dealer save time, cut costs, and sell more cars.

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