WEBINAR – How Street Auto Group Uses Community To Impact Their Bottom Line

The recording of the webinar with Pete Petersen


What kinds of outreach does your dealership do on a regular basis with local organizations? E-Commerce Director at Street Auto Group, Brad Paschal, has a Community Impact Social Media Calendar that will inspire new ideas on how to maximize your involvement with your own dealership’s community.

In this webinar, Brad will show you how he’s used Facebook to promote organizations near his dealership, ultimately benefiting their causes while driving traffic for his store and creating strong personal ties between his dealership and community. Because nonprofit organizations often need ways to cost-effectively increase their exposure, your dealership can similarly help hype local organizations’ campaigns through your store’s budget and social media reach.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create a Community Impact calendar for your dealership that will intelligently and sustainably build your business and your community
  • Advanced Facebook targeting that will help you reach and maximize your desired audience
  • Tips on how to connect your community with your dealership

Duration: 30 minutes
Level: Intermediate

About The Speakers

Brad Paschal, E-Commerce Director at Street Auto Group

Brad, like many other dealers, has had enough of overtired and overused advertising practices in the auto industry. Thus, he’s taken over at Street Auto Group and has steadily revamped and improved their digital strategy for the past 11 months. Since then Brad has been awarded the “The Most Innovative Dealership Strategy” at DrivingSales, as well as the “Amarillo Prime Service Award” two times in a row for giving back to his community.

Pete Petersen, CEO of Dealers United

Pete is the driving force behind Dealers United’s enthusiasm for creating positive change in the automotive industry. Combining his expertise with IT and his passion for helping dealers optimize their digital ad spend, Pete is always searching for the most innovative and profitable digital solutions that can help dealers sell more cars.


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