New Car Facebook Ad Solutions

Reach new car shoppers with stunning New Car campaigns

3 Proven Strategies


Your top model lines at every consumer touchpoint

We know the new car buyer journey like the back of our hands. Using In-Market Shopper data, the most popular social platforms, and the most relevant ad content, we deliver your top model lines to In-Market New Car Shoppers until they purchase.

Powerful Data

Use Oracle Data to locate and reach thousands of In-Market New Car Shoppers interested in New inventory near your store.

Full Funnel Strategy

From driving model line video views to pushing to your key vehicle pages, we have the perfect ad for every stage of the purchase funnel.


Turn incentives into beautiful, custom ads

Every month, our Creative Team will work hand-in-hand with you to build brand new, custom campaigns around your New Car Incentives and Lease Specials.

Custom Specials

Whether you’re a luxury dealer, a big fan of the holidays, or even big on March Madness, we have the perfect ad design for you.

Choose Your Design

We hate cookie-cutter ads, too. Our Creative Team creates hundreds of new designs every year for you to choose from.



Showcase on-the-ground new car inventory

Our Inventory Ads technology will standardize and sync your New Vehicle Inventory Feed into Facebook Ads in order to push In-Market Shoppers straight to your Vehicle Display Pages.    

Feed Integration

Syndicate your on-the-ground inventory to Facebook with automatic updates every 24 hours.

Dynamic Retargeting

Follow up with shoppers who leave your site with exact & similar VINs viewed.

Why Us?

The Facebook Advertising Solution That Does It All

We don’t just “check the box” for dealership Facebook advertising. We build, test, and are constantly optimizing campaigns that generate true sales opportunities for your store, so you can focus on what you do best: selling cars.

Exclusive In-Market Data

Unlock IHS Markit and POLK Automotive data to reach current Owners and In-Market Shoppers of specific Makes and Models.

No Middle Men

No 3rd party in-betweens here. We push all clicks and traffic to your SRPs, VDPs, and Key Pages directly on your website.

Exact Vehicle Retargeting

Follow lost opportunities across Facebook and Instagram with the exact vehicles they viewed, plus similar models by price and style.

Dedicated Performance Manager

Get a dedicated Facebook Account Specialist to help you reach your monthly goals, monitor your campaigns, and optimize your ROI.

Unlimited Custom Audiences

Use your own data, like website visitors, recently sold, and current customers to help you build the most powerful audiences possible.

Powerful Instagram Ads

Go beyond “placements” on Instagram; we create and optimize ads specifically made for Instagram to maximize engagement, including dynamic Instagram Stories.

VIN-Specific Lead Ads

Transform low-funnel shoppers into CRM leads with our VIN-specific lead ads.

Engaging Video Creative

Add eye-catching video creative to your ads for free, or build custom video for even better results

Free Facebook Marketplace

Sync your pre-owned vehicle inventory to Facebook Marketplace for free.

Real Unit Sales Proven Each Month

Say goodbye to unclear ROI and assuming that your ads are (or aren’t) working. With our free Sales Matchback Reports, you’ll know once and for all if your ads are helping you sell more cars.

What Are Dealers Saying?

"These ads have played a key part in our growth over the last 12 months. Last year, we saw a 10% increase in vehicle sales while investing 24% less than we did the previous year. Our experience with Dealers United has been outstanding. We do not them as a vendor, we view them as a partner. They know they when we succeed, they succeed."

– Matt Snead, Director of Marketing at Power Ford

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