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Incorporating videos into your content strategy has become an essential component of any successful dealership. For car dealerships looking to boost sales, video provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase inventory while building trust and credibility with customers. The opportunities are endless…and with the right video marketing approach, your dealership can drive more qualified traffic, increase lead conversion, and ultimately sell more cars.

Dealers United can help you incorporate custom social media video ads into your campaigns. 

Craft Compelling Dealership Videos

Well-produced video allows customers to experience your dealership and inventory in an engaging, low-pressure environment. Rather than salesy commercials, focus on crafting relevant, valuable videos designed to inform, educate, entertain or otherwise provide value for viewers.

For example, create walkaround videos highlighting key features of popular models on your lot. Produce explanatory videos answering common questions buyers have about financing, leasing, or how to use modern vehicle technologies. Share behind-the-scenes videos giving customers a feel for your service center and staff.

Brief video clips work well for social media, while in-depth videos are better suited for your YouTube channel or website. In all cases, high-quality video production is a must to convey professionalism and boost view rates.

Optimize Video for Search Visibility

The right optimization and promotion strategy can help your videos appear prominently in relevant YouTube or Google search results. For each video:

  • Carefully target keywords and organically work them into the title, description and captions.
  • Include your dealership name, location and other relevant identifying information prominently in metadata.
  • Insert links back to your website within video descriptions driving viewers to take action.
  • Promote videos across all your dealership social channels, email campaigns, and websites.
  • Monitoring analytics to see which videos gain traction, then doubling down on production of more content around popular themes or vehicles.

Build a Multichannel Video Strategy

While a YouTube channel serves as your video hub, extend the reach of video content by cross-promoting it across other marketing channels:


Email Campaigns: Share new vehicle walkaround or dealership videos via email outreach. Insert clickable thumbnail images linking to full videos.

Social Media: All major platforms now emphasize video content in their algorithms. Develop brief, engaging video clips tailored to each network.

Website: Embed relevant videos on inventory, financing or service pages. Videos can boost time-on-site metrics for better SEO.

In-Person: Install video displays in high-visibility areas of your dealership, showcasing current inventory vehicles, customer testimonials or other relevant content.

A cohesive video marketing approach connecting these channels will amplify viewership and overall impact on prospects and customers alike.

Why Dealers United for Your Video Marketing

As leading social media ad experts for car dealerships, Dealers United has helped our clients drive countless sales through custom created video initiatives optimized for today’s most popular channels. Our team can handle all aspects of ideation, production, optimization and analytics/reporting so you focus on selling.

Trust Dealers United as your dealership video marketing partner and start converting browsers into car buyers today!

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Written By Lauren Blackwell
Lauren Blackwell is a skilled content marketer who has spent the past 3 years working in automotive advertising technology and now brings her unique experiences to Dealers United. From running ad campaigns, to curating auto-specific resources, Lauren is empowered to create valuable content to help automotive dealers thrive on social media.

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