WEBINAR – Breakthrough Ways To Increase VDP Conversions Without Spending More On Ads

The recording of the webinar with Devin Daly


Top of funnel awareness through advertising is important. But simply driving more traffic to your dealership’s inventory pages doesn’t equal more sales. If your VDPs aren’t optimized to convert into the funnel, your ad dollars might as well be in the morgue. By focusing more on your website’s conversion, you can drive considerably bigger profits for a much smaller price tag.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to better merchandise your new inventory to drive more lead submissions and website engagement without increasing ad spend
  • How to easily increase number of ‘UPs’ by using data-driven best practices in your BDC
  • How to differentiate your used inventory to create a sense of urgency for the consumer and drive higher turn rates

Duration: 30 minutes
Level: Intermediate (no sweat!)

About The Speaker

Devin Daly, CEO of SpinCar

As CEO of SpinCar, one of the fastest growing software companies in the automotive space, Devin understands how to apply quantitative analysis to drive engagement and website conversions. Devin has helped hundreds of automotive dealers across the nation double and triple VDP engagement and conversion rates — dramatically increasing Internet sales. Prior to founding SpinCar, Devin helped marquee fashion and eCommerce companies like Louis Vuitton and Nike dramatically improve internet sales by reengineering their merchandising processes.


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