13 Ads That Are Restocking Dealership Inventory

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Q1 of 2021 flew by. Thankfully for dealers, the market bounced back from disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic much faster than experts predicted…

(Despite the unique business challenges that were presented, this quarter highlighted some awesome results!)

…but even so, there were still unforeseen obstacles on the horizon – lack of inventory being one of the most critical.

Be it from supply chain issues or the high demand for desirable used units, dealers everywhere are feeling the pinch, and in a lot of cases, if you don’t have the right units, it’s leading to lost revenue.

And we don’t want that, which is exactly why we’ve created our 2021 Buy Back Ad Playbook 👉 13 ready-to-run ads and audience targeting strategies meant to help car dealerships get back those top model-lines directly from the source – their owners.

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Industry Insights

According to a recently released report by IHS Markit, “Auto Industry Insights: Q1 2021,” COVID-19 created the largest decline in auto sales in a single year, yet the dip wasn’t as bad as anticipated.

What’s even better news, the market has made huge strides towards recovery.

The industry report by IHS also highlights the scarcity of dealer inventory and how this is a catalyst for lower incentives and possible lost customers if dealers don’t have the right inventory on the lot!

So how can dealers claw back and get more top-model lines on the lot?

Enter the 2021 Buy Back Ad Playbook!

How Dealers Are Increasing Top Inventory

With Facebook and Instagram users at an all time high, it’s fair to say that owners of the model-lines you want on your lot are out there.

Get in front of them with offers to trade keys, lease pull ahead, or outright buy back their vehicles.


Getting offers in front of owners with desirable late-model vehicles or those vehicles coming off-lease is giving dealerships a much more enticing selection of newer vehicles to attract new shoppers with.

With our 2021 Buy Back Ad Playbook, dealers are leveraging 13 ads that are appealing to vehicle owners and getting dealerships back in the game in inventory count.

So far this month, Zeigler Cadillac of Lincolnwood was able to drive 21 leads for $13.11, bringing in more potential inventory for their dealership.

Click here to download the playbook!

How Do I Reach The Right Vehicle Owners?

So you have some awesome looking ads to grab the attention of top-model line owners – great! But now what?

Although certain ad agencies are okay with using a dealer’s ad spend to target all users in their PMA, we prefer a more targeted approach.

Using IHS and Oracle in-market vehicle owner data, you can get these ads in front of owners of the exact model lines that your dealership wants on the lot.

By reaching these ideal customers, your dealership can get in front of them with your message where they are spending their free time – Facebook and Instagram.


With the auto market recovering, almost all dealers need to get their hands on more appealing used inventory.

Our 2021 Buy Back Ad Playbook gives you 13 scroll-stopping assets for your dealership to run on Facebook and Instagram to immediately start getting more desirable units on your lot.

Coupled with IHS and Oracle targeting for top model-line owners, your dealership can optimize ad spend and appeal to only the right vehicle owners.

Click here to download the 2021 Buy Back Ad Playbook and start getting units back in your inventory.

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