5 Ways TikTok Is Revolutionizing Car Dealership Marketing

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Social media has brought unprecedented opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience.

Among these platforms, TikTok stands TALL…generating unmatched popularity and transforming industries, including car dealership marketing.

With a staggering number of total downloads since 2018, 130 million monthly active users in the US, and users spending an average of 89 minutes per day on TikTok, the platform’s potential is undeniable.

And luckily for car dealers,  the main audience on TikTok consists of Millennials and Gen Z, who make up 1 in 3 new car registrations. 

That’s right, in-market car shoppers are already immersed in the world of TikTok, and it’s time to seize the opportunity to reach them before your competition. 

Let’s introduce you to 5 exciting TikTok advertising features that will take your car dealership marketing to the next level…

1. Target Shoppers By Specific Zip Codes

Previously, TikTok only allowed dealerships to use DMA targeting. But now, we’re excited to announce that Dealers United customers can now beta test new TikTok zip code targeting!

With this powerful new feature, dealerships can reach their desired audience at a hyper-local level, honing in on specific zip codes (or zip codes in bulk) where in-market car shoppers reside.

That means laser-focusing ad dollars on the right locations – something that previously wasn’t available for car dealership TikTok ads.

(Want to be first to beta test new TikTok Zip Code Targeting? Click here!)

2. Captivate & Convert With The New TikTok Shopping Ad Format

Add your scrolling, live inventory over an eye-catching video and give shoppers an easy, in-app shopping experience to browse through your available vehicles!

Here’s how these ads work…

First, you optimize a custom video you create, or use one of our 500+ pre-made videos:


Then, you hook into your inventory feed and add your LIVE inventory so it scrolls on top of the video.

Check out the example below: since this dealer’s strategy is to attract more SUV shoppers, we’re overlaying their SUV inventory!

From there, when a shopper clicks on a vehicle, you can choose to send them directly to your VDP, or keep them on the TikTok page where all your cars are listed, then drive to a VDP.

So far, TikTok Shopping Ads are driving pretty incredible results…want to see how you can take advantage of this new ad format to sell more cars?

3. Prove ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) With Sales Matchbacks:

No more settling for guesswork— TikTok now provides automotive marketers with a way to measure the true impact of their ads to identify how campaigns online transfer to results offline.

By connecting TikTok advertising campaigns with real-world sales data, dealerships can accurately measure the ROI of their TikTok marketing efforts.

This data-driven approach provides concrete evidence of TikTok’s effectiveness as a marketing channel and helps dealerships optimize their campaigns for better results. 

Sales Matchbacks empower dealerships to make informed decisions, allocate budgets effectively, and strengthen their confidence in their marketing strategy on TikTok.

4. Ignite The Lead Generation Fire With In-App Experience

TikTok’s seamless experience allows users to submit their details directly within the app, boosting lead generation for car dealerships while eliminating shopper friction.

And with these built-in lead generation forms, TikTok Lead ads are proven to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Dealerships can capture valuable lead information, customize questions, and seamlessly integrate data into their CRM system for efficient follow-up.

TikTok’s lead generation feature revolutionizes the way car dealerships generate leads, making it easier to expand their customer base and drive sales. 

5. Maximize The Newest Search Engine

TikTok is now where people go to search, so it’s time to tap into TikTok’s powerful capabilities by displaying your ads in search results!

With TikTok becoming a popular search engine, car dealerships have a prime opportunity to increase brand visibility and engage with their target audience.

By strategically placing ads in search results, dealerships can reach users actively seeking automotive-related content and tailor their messaging to align with search intent.

This targeted approach enhances brand awareness, drives engagement, and maximizes the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

TikTok’s search ads feature empowers car dealerships to seize the potential of this emerging search engine and achieve impactful marketing results.

Why Every Dealership Needs To Be Advertising On TikTok

If you’re not already convinced, TikTok has presented dealers with a unique opportunity to unlock innovative advertising features and a massive user base.

With personalized targeting, captivating shopping ads, sales measurement capabilities, seamless lead generation, and increased brand visibility in search results, TikTok provides unparalleled opportunities for car dealerships to dominate their marketing efforts.


Dominate TIKTOK Ads

Written By Lauren Blackwell
Lauren Blackwell is a skilled content marketer who has spent the past 3 years working in automotive advertising technology and now brings her unique experiences to Dealers United. From running ad campaigns, to curating auto-specific resources, Lauren is empowered to create valuable content to help automotive dealers thrive on social media.

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