[Facebook Guide] Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed

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Facebook just dropped their newest resource for automotive dealers: “Free Facebook Tools to Keep Your Community and Customers Informed During the COVID-19 Crisis”.

In the guide, Facebook details how dealerships can connect to their communities to begin building long-term relationships—and create lifelong customers.

Read on for a brief overview of the guide, and to see examples of each tool!

As social distancing continues, US social network users are spending more time than previously estimated. (Source: eMarketer, US Adults Are Spending More Time on Social Media During the Pandemic)

We believe this increase on social media is not only due to more down-time from social distancing, but also because users want to connect with their friends, families, and communities more than ever as they navigate these uncertain times.

By presenting value on these channels now, your dealership can position itself as a community leader and begin to build relationships with future customers, setting yourself up to “unlock shopper demand” when buyers come back in-market. 

Facebook’s latest resource gives dealers free tools to help start connecting with their communities today. Get the full guide here!

Facebook’s Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed:

  1. Pinned Posts 
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Facebook Live
  4. Facebook and Instagram Stories

Let’s dive into each tool a little further!

Pinned Posts

You can pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page’s timeline so that visitors can find important information about your dealership quickly. These can be things like:

  • Updated hours of operation
  • Sanitation procedures 
  • What services you’re currently offering 
  • Virtual appointment and at-home service options 
  • What incentives you’re currently offering 

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging platform. It is connected to your dealership’s Page and can be answered by anyone with the appropriate permissions. Using Messenger, your dealership can:

  • Set up an automatic greeting to Page visitors
  • Let site visitors know that you’re answering any questions so they never have to leave the platform

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a video feature where your dealership can instantly broadcast video to your followers. It notifies users when your Page is going live, and they can interact in real time.

Live broadcasts are also saved so if people miss it live, they can go back and view later. Use a Facebook Live video to:

  • Do a live Q&A with your followers 
  • Walk around your dealership and show sanitation procedures 
  • Introduce the staff
  • Vehicle walkarounds 

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Stories are a casual way for people to engage with your dealership.

With Stories, your dealership can post as briefly and frequently as your want about anything you want.

Stories are posted to the top of user’s feeds and also on your dealership’s Page. You can do any of the same options as your can with Facebook Live, only without getting immediate feedback from viewers. 

PRO TIP: Utilize your Facebook Cover photo to bring your latest updates to the forefront, and make it easy for prospects to get in touch with you by updating Page’s main Call-To-Action button to “Call Now,” “Message Us,” or “Book Now” with available appointment times.

Click here to get the free guide and see how you can freely and easily apply any of these Facebook tools to connect with your community!  

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