PODCAST: Digital Marketing Tips For Aftermarket Shops with Pete Petersen

PODCAST: Digital Marketing Tips For Aftermarket Shops with Pete Petersen

PODCAST: Digital Marketing Tips For Aftermarket Shops with Pete Petersen

We’ve realized that for almost all small businesses, trying to do it all in terms of marketing actually results in almost no traction!

In order to ensure your efforts are achieving results, our CEO Pete Petersen offered professional insight, featured on TheSHOP’s latest podcast.

WATCH: https://theshopmag.com/podcast/ep-5-how-to-grow-your-aftermarket-business-with-digital-marketing/

7 Key Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Shop

There are so many options when it comes to marketing your shop digitally, follow along to make sure that your actions are effective.

1. Identify Your Customers

Before you do ANY marketing, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Who are your customers currently?
  • Who should your customers be, are there any up-and-coming segments?
  • Where do your customers hangout, online and offline?
  • Where are they navigating to get information?

2. Be Easily Found and Post Relevant Content Organically

Ask your current customers which platforms they are on daily, weekly, monthly… Then ask them where they learn about new products and services so you can reach them and people similar.

Google and Social:

You’ll want to create a Google My Business account to provide your current and prospective customers with an easy way to find your shop and its information.

Generate a strong presence on social media so that when your target market finds you, they engage with relevant content. Only do so using a few platforms, we understand there’s a lot of factors to consider with each, so we have a guide for you here!

Blog Content:

Brainstorm what type of information is significant to your audience. People want to know the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

Why did your business take on the project, what products did you use, how long did it take, and who is the owner and where are they from?

3. Encourage And Leverage Positive Reviews

The first thing that prospective customers do when they are not familiar with you is search your brand + “reviews” before giving you their business!

Google My Business:

Display your positive reviews and download an App for your phone to respond to reviews, create offers, post events, and update your business info!

Facebook Reviews:

Broadcast all of the good things said about your shop on your Facebook business page. Anyone who lands on your page will be able to see the positive comments from other active users!

3rd Party Seller Sites:

Your shop can also use 3rd party seller sites to host this complimentary feedback in the attempt to have an immediate impact on their decision and influence customer conversion.

4. Design for Mobile Optimization

Mobile is the new source for information consumption. Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok are almost exclusively mobile… So make sure to double check the accessibility and flow of your website on mobile devices, not just desktop.

5. Amplify Your Business With Paid Ads

What phase of the funnel are you wanting to reach your customers at? Both Google Search and Facebook Ads offer paid advertising options for your shop.

Click here for The Ultimate Guide to Social Advertising For Aftermarket Shops!

6. Improve Your Shops Website

Organize your website and make it easy for visitors to find information, be educated, make decisions, and choose you!

For shops, show before and after photos, tell the customers’ story, and why this project was important to them. Include the extra details of what you helped with to make the project custom.

Get a quote from the customer, or ask them to leave a review. Showcase this on your site, add the review to your main homepage for others to see and let them tell the story for you!

7. Add A Tripwire

A tripwire is a low dollar offer to get someone in your business, build a relationship with them, and then upsell.

In dealerships, this has been the oil change/car wash experience. They get them in, get their contact information including email/phone, build positive relationships, reviews and further market to these individuals with new products and services.

Targeting Dealerships

Here are some key elements for aftermarket shops to keep in mind when targeting the dealership market:

  • Relationships (face-to-face, calling and text messaging)?
  • Custom web pages (this will also help with SEO and positioning as an expert) and brochures specific to the vehicles they sell:
    • Best accessories and upgrades for the Mazda CX-3
    • Answer questions like “what is the towing capacity of a Ford F150?” and “how much can a Ford F150 tow?”
  • Beyond that, email marketing is a great way to keep your prospects and dealerships available

We created an audit template to help your business log your current profiles and ratings.

👉 Click here to access the free template and begin improving in areas where it’s needed.


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Blog Author - Drew Detweiler

Written By Drew Detweiler
Drew manages inbound and outbound marketing for Dealers United. When he’s not at work, he’s probably enjoying the outdoors, fishing, or eating.

[Facebook Guide] Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed

[Facebook Guide] Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed

[Facebook Guide] Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed

Facebook just dropped their newest resource for automotive dealers: “Free Facebook Tools to Keep Your Community and Customers Informed During the COVID-19 Crisis”.

In the guide, Facebook details how dealerships can connect to their communities to begin building long-term relationships—and create lifelong customers.

Read on for a brief overview of the guide, and to see examples of each tool!

As social distancing continues, US social network users are spending more time than previously estimated. (Source: eMarketer, US Adults Are Spending More Time on Social Media During the Pandemic)

We believe this increase on social media is not only due to more down-time from social distancing, but also because users want to connect with their friends, families, and communities more than ever as they navigate these uncertain times.

By presenting value on these channels now, your dealership can position itself as a community leader and begin to build relationships with future customers, setting yourself up to “unlock shopper demand” when buyers come back in-market. 

Facebook’s latest resource gives dealers free tools to help start connecting with their communities today. Get the full guide here!

Facebook’s Free Tools To Keep Your Dealership’s Community Informed:

  1. Pinned Posts 
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Facebook Live
  4. Facebook and Instagram Stories

Let’s dive into each tool a little further!

Pinned Posts

You can pin a post to the top of your Facebook Page’s timeline so that visitors can find important information about your dealership quickly. These can be things like:

  • Updated hours of operation
  • Sanitation procedures 
  • What services you’re currently offering 
  • Virtual appointment and at-home service options 
  • What incentives you’re currently offering 

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s instant messaging platform. It is connected to your dealership’s Page and can be answered by anyone with the appropriate permissions. Using Messenger, your dealership can:

  • Set up an automatic greeting to Page visitors
  • Let site visitors know that you’re answering any questions so they never have to leave the platform

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a video feature where your dealership can instantly broadcast video to your followers. It notifies users when your Page is going live, and they can interact in real time.

Live broadcasts are also saved so if people miss it live, they can go back and view later. Use a Facebook Live video to:

  • Do a live Q&A with your followers 
  • Walk around your dealership and show sanitation procedures 
  • Introduce the staff
  • Vehicle walkarounds 

Facebook and Instagram Stories

Stories are a casual way for people to engage with your dealership.

With Stories, your dealership can post as briefly and frequently as your want about anything you want.

Stories are posted to the top of user’s feeds and also on your dealership’s Page. You can do any of the same options as your can with Facebook Live, only without getting immediate feedback from viewers. 

PRO TIP: Utilize your Facebook Cover photo to bring your latest updates to the forefront, and make it easy for prospects to get in touch with you by updating Page’s main Call-To-Action button to “Call Now,” “Message Us,” or “Book Now” with available appointment times.

Click here to get the free guide and see how you can freely and easily apply any of these Facebook tools to connect with your community!  

More free tools to help your dealership

If you’re looking for more ways your dealership can stay connected with auto shoppers, visit our Resource Center here.

You can also find our specific COVID-19 resources at www.dealersunited.com/covid-19.

Looking for more COVID-19 Resources to help your dealership?

Click Here

Blog Author - Drew Detweiler

Written By Drew Detweiler
Drew manages inbound and outbound marketing for Dealers United. When he’s not at work, he’s probably enjoying the outdoors, fishing, or eating.

Use This “Data Jackpot” To Find WHO Your Dealership Is Actually Selling Cars To (Part 1 of 2)

Use This “Data Jackpot” To Find WHO Your Dealership Is Actually Selling Cars To (Part 1 of 2)

Use This “Data Jackpot” To Find WHO Your Dealership Is Actually Selling Cars To (Part 1 of 2)

What if I told you that I knew the secret to nailing your store’s next marketing campaign? That you could uncover EVERYTHING you wanted to know about your dealership’s target customers, like if they are women or men, what job title they have, and their purchase behaviors – before you even spend ONE ad dollar? Well, I’ve got good news for you. You can. Here’s how your dealership can easily identify its target customers:

Data Jackpot For Auto Dealers: Find Your Target Customers

Don’t miss Part 2: 9 Shockingly Successful Facebook Campaigns You Can Create From Your Dealership’s Audience Insights

Your Dealership’s Target Customers Aren’t As Hard To Find As You Think

For local businesses like dealerships, pinpointing your target audience isn’t always easy.

It generally takes a bunch of research, guessing-and-checking, and customer demographics to finally get it right.

Even with your OEM’s extensive reports, uncovering your store’s exact “ideal customer” may be all but impossible.

Thankfully, I know a way you can find EVERYTHING you want to know about your dealership’s target customers.

And it all starts with data.

There’s Just Somethin’ About Data

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Data is “king” in today’s world.

But now, the data realm is massive. And pretty confusing.

If only there were one central place that hosted all of the 3rd party data your dealership actually cared about…

…like automotive data, shopper-intent data, psychographic data, and online behavior data.

Well now there is.

Want to tell all In-Market Auto Shopping women who live near your store and LOVE dogs about your upcoming Adoption Event? No problem.

Thanks to a recent partnership between Oracle, Datalogix, POLK, and Facebook for Business, the data possibilities for your dealership are (literally) endless.

VIDEO: A map exploring Facebook’s advertising data from Plankton Digital
Facebook’s data is INTENSE…and is expanding every day!

But that’s not what this blog article is about. (If you want more about Facebook targeting, you can read this article, instead.)

This is something else entirely…

And I think you’re going to like it.

If Facebook’s Data Is A Treasure Chest, Your Dealership’s Data Is The Key That Unlocks It

Remember how I told you that I could help you unlock everything you wanted to know about your target market?

This is how:

Facebook Audience Insights.

Using this semi-new (but extremely underutilized) Facebook tool, your dealership can upload its own data files…

…then cross-check Facebook’s data to learn everything you could want to know about people on those lists.

With Audience Insights, your dealership can:

  • Pinpoint the demographics and lifestyles of a 2017 used vehicle buyer versus a 2017 new vehicle buyer
  • Upload sold F-150 data over a few years and see what purchasers of F-150’s “look like,” from job title, device use, and household income
  • Discover what other Facebook Pages your customers Like or Follow, and create new Custom Audiences based on those findings

PRO TIP: Using these same insights, you can create “Lookalike Audiences” on Facebook to find people who “look like” these customers or lists. It’s what we call Facebook’s Ultimate Conquest Strategy – read this article to learn more!

Since so many people are on Facebook, it has become a gigantic data hub that your dealership can easily access.

Sound interesting?

Keep reading…

Here’s How To Unlock Audience Insights At Your Dealership

Step 1: Create Your Custom Audience

Under your Ads Manager, navigate to “Audiences,” then click “Create New > Custom Audience.”

Create your Custom Audience using your dealership’s customer file, website traffic, or users’ engagement on Facebook.

NOT SURE WHERE TO START? If you aren’t sure which of your lists you should upload, or what traffic to turn into your newest Custom Audience, you may want to schedule a Facebook Analysis with our Facebook team. We’ll help you nail down your dealership’s goals, create your Custom Audiences, and use your Audience Insights to help you sell more cars!

Step 2: Load Your Custom Audience in Audience Insights

Log into your Facebook Business Page and navigate to Ads Manager > Audience Insights.

Next, navigate to “Audience Insights” under Plan.

Your audience can include “Everyone on Facebook,” or “People connected to your Page,” but to maximize your own dealership’s data and find your dealership’s specific target customers, start with a “Custom Audience.”

Then simply load the Custom Audience you want to study in the left panel of Audience Insights under “Additional Entries.”

Once Facebook matches users from your list, you’ll see 6 tabs chock-full of aggregated user insights:


Summarizes key demographics like age and gender, education, relationship status and job role, as well as Lifestyle segments that range from “Rural Parents” to “City Mixers.”

Page Likes:

This shows the top Categories of interests (based on Facebook Pages that your Audience interacts with), and which Pages are likely to be relevant to that audience.


Reveals the top cities where your uploaded Audience is based.


Measures your Audience’s activity on Facebook, such as frequency and number of Pages Liked, Comments, Posts Liked/Shared, Promotions Redeemed, and Ads Clicked, as well as main device usage (desktop vs. mobile, iOS vs. Android).


Reports household income, type of home ownership, household size, and spending methods.


Reveals key trends in retail and online spending, purchase behaviors across specific categories, and automotive purchase behavior based on vehicle registration data.

If your dealership is looking for the holy grail of marketing data…


Wrap Up: Facebook’s Audience Insights Will Help You Find Your Dealership’s Target Customers

Thanks to Facebook Audience Insights, your dealership will never have to worry about hitting — or missing — its target customers again.

Here’s how your dealership can use them:

  1. Create a Custom Audience based on your dealership’s data.
  2. Load your Audience and cross-match it to Facebook’s user data and third-party data.
  3. Dive into 6 pages of aggregated data, including demographics, Facebook Page Likes and activity, purchase behaviors, and more.

You don’t need to be running ads on Facebook to take advantage of Audience Insights. Use them to optimize your dealership’s email marketing, Google PPC campaigns, direct mail, in-store promotions, general branding, and beyond.

But think – once you’ve already done the leg work and uploaded your store’s data, why not use that data to deliver messages to your ideal customers on Facebook, the #1 social media platform in the US?

In a new article next week, I’m going to show you how to turn your findings from Audience Insights into high-performing Facebook campaigns.

You can read it here: 9 Shockingly Successful Facebook Campaigns You Can Create From Your Dealership’s Audience Insights

Stay tuned…it’s going to be good.

Blog Author - Brooke Jensen

Written By Brooke Jensen
Brooke handles all of Dealers United’s digital marketing. In addition to her love for design and copy, Brooke also adores her two dog-like kittens, playing the electric violin, and walking barefoot around the office.

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This Small Thing Builds Brand Awareness. But Whose Brand Is It Building?

This Small Thing Builds Brand Awareness. But Whose Brand Is It Building?

The tiny icon that appears before your dealership’s name or site title in a web browser is called a favicon – short for “Favorites icon.” It’s generally comprised of a brand’s logo, and offers a small but immediate first-impression. Personally, I’ve never really thought much about them other than, “Oh great, another place I need to remember to put our logo.” That is, until two days ago.

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