[Facebook Guide] How To Eliminate 50+ Friction Points In The Car Buyer Journey

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We all know that today’s digital landscape has greatly influenced how auto consumers discover and buy cars.

But do we know to what extent?

Facebook IQ (an official Facebook resource that provides insights from Facebook & Instagram), recently commissioned Accenture and Boston Consulting Group to survey auto consumers and understand more about the auto buyer’s shifting needs.

Their findings were published in Facebook’s latest report, Zero Friction Future, to help auto dealerships understand how to identify and reduce friction throughout the car buyer journey.

Instant Gratification Meets A Zero Friction Future

When I’m running low on cat food, I simply call to Alexa from my living room, instantly checkout on Amazon, and get a bag delivered to my doorstep within 24 hours.

Hello, instant gratification.

Better technology has led to more convenience, and now we as consumers have high expectations for getting what we want, when we want it.

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But while buying cat food on Amazon is much different than buying a new car, consumer expectations and the “I want it now” mindset is becoming the new norm. Even in automotive.

That’s why brands like Carvana are gaining traction. They are capitalizing on these “I want it now” audiences by showing them how seamless and easy the process is.

But you don’t need to offer a vehicle vending machine to give auto shoppers the instant gratification they seek.

Image Source: Facebook Page Transparency, Carvana

According to Facebook’s study, car shoppers are becoming increasingly “less willing to suffer any inconvenience or invest unnecessary time to find the right vehicle that suits their needs.” 

In fact, with mobile devices giving consumers more options and information than ever before, 70% of consumers say technology has made it easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. (“Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance” by Salesforce and Deloitte Digital, Apr 2018) 

This means that every additional step, every broken VDP link, and every second delay is a chance for your customers to abandon their journey and look for a car somewhere other than your lot.

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These inconveniences add up to what Facebook found to be “up to 50+ points of friction in the auto buyer journey.”

So where do these points of friction happen?

3 Stages of The Buyer Journey Where You’ll Find Friction

Facebook identified 3 main pillars in which these pain points most often occur:

  1. Discovery: Awareness and evaluation around brands, models and inventory
  2. Purchase: Test drive, negotiations, and purchasing at the dealership
  3. Ownership: The stage once auto buyers sign the dotted line

In the resource, Facebook breaks down the top pain points that consumers reported, as well as solutions to help you identify and solve them for your own business.

Ready to learn more about a Zero Friction Future for your dealership? Download the resource now!

Moving to a Frictionless Future

The modern auto shopper’s desire for speed, simplicity and convenience with technology is paving the way for new, smoother customer experiences. 

Dealerships and auto marketers are therefore being asked to really sit down and evaluate their own friction points, then use technology and processes to get ahead of them.

“Just as auto marketers have differentiated on product for years, today’s advantage lies in differentiating on experience,” said Kim Stonehouse, Automotive Head of Industry at Facebook. “The brands and dealers winning more customers are the ones who remove friction to compete on car and convenience.”

Addressing the needs of your consumers is key to winning against your competitors. 

Download Facebook’s Zero Friction Future guide now to learn how to eliminate friction & stop car shoppers from abandoning ship! 

We’ll also send you 3 success stories of how dealerships eliminated friction with Facebook, and a bonus training video with our CEO, Pete Petersen, about the 3 pillars of a Zero Friction Future!

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