Facebook Launches Private Facebook Automotive Group For Dealerships

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The Facebook Automotive Team just launched the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group, a private Facebook Group exclusively for auto dealers and the auto community.

The goal of the new social Group is to connect dealers from across the globe to help each other overcome hurdles and grow together as an industry.

The purpose of the new Facebook Automotive Group

Bob Lanham, Head of Facebook Automotive Retail, defined the Groups purpose as follows:

Upon joining the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group, dealers can gain immediate access to Facebook resources and strategies for dealers, as well as receive news directly from the top of the Facebook Automotive Team.

Why dealers should join the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group

A group such as this has long been anticipated by Dealers United and the Facebook Automotive Team.

Dealers United and its dealer-partners have frequently been invited to Facebook’s automotive conferences and have hosted events like the State of Automotive alongside Facebook, but has always hoped for an online community of dealers to consistently share best practices and ideas.

Pete Petersen, CEO, Dealers United
“As our name implies, Dealers United has always sought to unify the dealer community, because we are stronger together. We were an early adopter of Facebook before fully transitioning ourselves to solely being a Facebook and Instagram advertising company. Because of our work with Facebook, we have become a Facebook Marketing Partner, have had several of our dealer-partners featured as Success Stories by Facebook, and been able to host events with the Facebook Auto Team. I believe that the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective is going to be a terrific tool to continue to unify dealers with a common purpose and strengthen us as a community.”

The more dealers we can bring together in this forum, the larger our force and collective ideas will become.

How to join the private Group

To join the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective, simply log in to Facebook, visit this page, and click the button, “Join Group.”

You will then need to authorize that you are a Dealership / Dealer Group, OEM, or Agency.

Your request will be reviewed by the Group’s admins and approved upon verifying that you are apart of the automotive community.

Want to skip the form and get instant access to the Group? Add our CEO, Pete Petersen, on Facebook here, and he’ll send you a direct invite!

More Facebook Resources For Auto To Come

With the launch of this Group, it’s clear that Facebook is doubling-down on automotive, and is focusing more horsepower on insights and best practices to help dealers reach their communities as effectively as possible.

Last year, Facebook launched their Facebook Automotive Playbook and Zero Friction Future resources with that objective in mind.

These resources have helped both dealerships and agencies improve their Facebook Advertising strategies to move more metal.


Power Ford, one of Dealers United’s clients, followed the principles of the Facebook Automotive Playbook and used Facebook to help provide a “frictionless” experience for their customers. These efforts allowed them to save $285,000 on advertising in 12 months and become the #1 Ford dealership in New Mexico 7 times. The agency and dealership were the only Tier III recognized by Facebook for their work with Zero Friction Future in February of 2020, and Facebook continues to help Power Ford sell more cars while spending less.

In addition to joining the Facebook Auto Marketing Collective Group, here are some other ways to stay up to date with the last Facebook Ads resources:

Affected by COVID-19? These resources can help.

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