8 Resources To Jumpstart Your Dealership’s 2021 Sales Strategy

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With the beginning of every new year, there is a renewed sense of hope that everyone feels. This will be my year. 

After 2020, that feeling is stronger than ever.

But we can’t hope our way to a better year. Hopes and dreams need goals and plans.  

To help jumpstart 2021 and ensure you’re on track to reach your sales goals, here are some free resources to help:

1. Secure more top model line inventory

If your desirable inventory is lacking, get the message out to top model line owners that your dealership is looking for trade-ins or will outright purchase their vehicles. Check out our Buy Back Playbook here to see some ads that your dealership can use to stock back up on some much needed inventory! 

2. See what’s working for other dealerships right now

Whether you’re looking to get into better conversions, get better leads, or increase unit sales, we have dealers who have done it already using Facebook and Instagram. Check out their success stories and take a peek at their strategies. You can view them here!

3. Give On-Facebook Destination for AIA a try

On-FB Automotive Inventory Ads are getting dealership’s live inventory in front of in-market shoppers without the distraction of running them off Facebook. Testing is complete and results are in – it works. Check out more info about OFB-AIA here.

4. Get inspired from your competition by hacking their ads!

Do you know what kind of ads your competition is running on Facebook? Do you know what kind of ads you’re running on Facebook? Click here to request an “ad hack” and we’ll walk through all of your ads and the ads of your 3 biggest competitors.

5. Get the “2021 Essential Guide For Dealership Facebook Ads”

Our CEO presented this previously live session at Digital Dealer NOW and you can get access to the recording and slides free of charge. This session is packed with information about the future of Facebook ads and what has proven to work specifically for car dealers. Click here to request the slides. 

6. Get deeper insights on the shoppers in your market

Do you know how many in-market auto shoppers are in your PMA? How about how many of them you can reach on Facebook and Instagram? If not, you can find out now using our Market Intelligence Report. This game-changing tool will give you your market’s: 

  • Total Facebook Users
  • Total In-Market Shoppers 
  • User Demographics
  • User Credit Scores

Click here to run your Market Intelligence Report and start strategizing to reach these shoppers.

7. Start getting rock solid attribution on your marketing efforts

Have you ever tried to track where a lead came from but to no avail? Every source wants attribution and it’s leaving a lot of dealers in the dark. Facebook’s newest attribution tool is giving dealers a clear picture of where their prospects are actually converting – whether it’s organic or paid, Facebook or another source. Click here to request the slides from our Digital Dealer presentation on the tool.

8. Become a Facebook Automotive Ad Specialist

We’ve teamed up with the folks at Driving Sales to present a Master Certification course to help make Facebook a predictable source of revenue for your dealership. This course will arm you with all of the knowledge you will need to be a Facebook pro in the automotive space. Click here to learn more about the course. 

We know that these resources will help you get your dealership off on the right foot in 2021! If you need a little more inspiration or want some strategy ideas, you can subscribe to our newsletter here, or connect with us on a strategy call to start solving your business challenges here. 

 Happy 2021! 

Blog Author - Drew Detweiler

Written By Drew Detweiler
Drew manages inbound and outbound marketing for Dealers United. When he’s not at work, he’s probably enjoying the outdoors, fishing, or eating.

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