10 Ways to Make Exciting and Engaging Dealership Video Ads

Aug 19, 2014 | Digital Marketing

Do you want to make your own YouTube video ads for your dealership but are unsure how to make them unique, creative, and just downright GREAT? We’ve compiled 10 tips that can help you create engaging dealership video ads every time.

10 Ways to Make Exciting and Engaging Dealership Video Ads

1. Grab a friend

We both know your dealership isn’t comprised of just one person, so grab a friend or colleague and have fun making your videos! Your friend can hold cue cards, control the camera, and keep you laughing as you build your commercial.

2. Use cue cards

Use a thick marker and use a single sheet of large paper or cardboard positioned under or above the camera. Flipping sheets behind the camera will cause post-editing nightmares.

3. Choose a location

Your dealership needs to be the centerpiece of your video! No matter your video’s message, it’s important to give the viewer an idea of what they can expect when they pull into your lot.

Enter the workaround for car dealers: 360 or 3D photography on the VDP.
Use a GoPro camera and GoPro car mount to a create drive-around and drive-up videos of your dealership.

4. Showcase your dealership

Use multiple areas of your dealership to showcase your entire dealership. Use the new / used car sales area, service bays, quick lanes and other key areas of your dealership to give a sense of their experience when arriving at your dealership.

5. Start with a hook

You have 5 seconds to grab your audiences attention. Are you running a limited time promotion or incentive? Do you have an exclusive offer? Get your point on the table right away, or else you may lose your audience’s attention.

6. Be yourself

People buy from people they can relate to and get along with. Speak to the audience like a friend with authentic, clear, and honest messaging.

7. Keep the camera steady

Use a tripod, desk, boxes, or stack of books to stabilize the camera. Make sure to always test your light, sound and video to ensure you can be seen and heard. Post production with YouTube Editor (www.youtube.com/editor) also has a stabilizer enhancement option if you do get the case of the camera shakes!

8. Slow down & speak clearly

You may only have 10 seconds or 20 seconds of speaking, but after a few takes, you’ll realize it takes a lot longer to get the perfect shot. Instead of focusing on just “nailing your lines,” make sure you watch the take back to guarantee that your actor’s voice is clear, slow and steady.

9. Get viewers to act

Make sure you tell your customer exactly what you want them to do next. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, then ask the viewer to click the ad. To generate phone calls, ensure you list your phone number with your area code. And for walk-ins, be sure to include your full physical address. We recommend that you should have the user click to your site for directions with a dedicated landing page, even if you’re just after walk-ins.

10. Click it

Unlike traditional YouTube videos, YouTube ads are clickable and allow you to guide viewers to your website through your calls-to-action. The user can click anywhere on your video to be redirected, but it’s always a great idea to encourage viewers to click the ad through engaging text and clear directions.

Do not point to the bottom left when on camera for your call-to-action — YouTube places a “skip ad” button in the bottom right corner of most ads!

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Written By Brooke Jensen
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