Dealership LED Lighting Adds Value to Your Lot

Jun 10, 2015 | Identity and Branding

Dealership LED lighting goes beyond efficiency and durability; it’s also a brilliant way to bring more value to your showroom and lot. The right lighting has the ability to captivate your audience day and night and adds unrivaled allure to your inventory.

LED Lighting Adds Value To Your Lot

With LED lighting, your vehicles will be given a color so striking and precise, your customers will think they stepped into an art gallery instead of a dealership. Here’s how LED lighting adds value to your lot:

Color rendering, white light, and higher perceived value

LED light bulbs take advantage of a scale called color rendering index (CRI), which ranges from 1-100 and measures the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of an object in comparison to natural light. The higher the CRI number, the closer the light is to pure white sunlight, and the closer the color is to being precise.

LED lights generally achieve ratings of 90 or higher and easily outshine (pun intended) their fluorescent counterparts who fall between a CRI of 60 and 70. Vehicles that are displayed under lights that aren’t LEDs suffer from dull, murky tints, and don’t gleam, sparkle or shine like they were intended to.

Warmer lights with low CRI scores are likely to be found in schools, libraries, and hospitals, while cooler, white lights with high CRI scores are generally reserved for art exhibits, studios, theaters, and high-end retail stores.

This trend hints that LED lights belong in more sophisticated establishments, and causes consumers to associate LED lighting with greater value.

Remember that the higher value consumers perceive your business to have, the more they will be willing to pay for your products. Because of this, more and more dealerships are switching to LEDs and shedding new light on their showroom, lot, and service center.

How LED CRI Makes Cars Look Brighter

How to take advantage of LED at your dealership

1. Engage car shoppers with ambient indoor lighting

Quality lighting sets the mood for your dealership and enhances the entire shopping experience. Lighting with high CRI scores can be manipulated to direct your customers to desired locations, like the newest car model that you want to draw their attention to.

Since light conveys emotion, the type of lighting in your showroom can create drama and excitement over your car displays and influence the perception of value customers have of your inventory.

2. Invite more customers in with bright outdoor lighting

Having a well-lit lot will draw attention your inventory and lure people in off the road and into your dealership. LED renders colors more vividly, which is an important aspect in making sure your inventory looks as appealing as possible.

LED lighting also perfectly spreads throughout your dealership’s lot, making your business look welcoming and safe, while still maintaining control over light pollution and preventing your light from spilling over onto the lots of nearby businesses (and racking up your energy bill).

3. Increase efficiency with optimal lighting in service areas

Good employee morale is critical for the success of any business. However, artificial light has been proven to cause fluctuations in stress hormones, emotions, arousal levels, and muscle tension.

Since LEDs mirror natural sunlight, adding LED to areas like your service bay can optimize your employees’ working conditions and ultimately increase employee satisfaction.

In addition to increasing productivity, LED lights in the service department will eliminate heat emission that occurs with standard light bulbs, diminishing the need for extra cooling units such as air conditioners and fans.

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