5 Tested Labor Day Ideas For Car Dealers

Aug 14, 2014 | Industry News

We love getting feedback and ideas from our members on how they are increasing their leads and sales. After talking with our members and watching industry trends, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tested labor day ideas for car dealers.

How Dealers Are Crushing Sales Over Labor Day Weekend

1. YouTube Preroll

Youtube.com is the second highest-ranked search engine in the world, yet it is virtually untapped by the automotive industry and the car dealerships within it.

Youtube allows you to target demographics such as gender, city, county, zip code, and video categories, and it’s as easy as clicking the “upload” button. You can use existing video assets from your television commercials, have custom YouTube preroll created for your dealership, or create YouTube ads on your own in order to easily reach new online customers.

Want to learn how to create YouTube ads? Read this article: Getting Started: YouTube Advertising For Automotive Dealers

2. Conquest Email Marketing

Conquest email marketing gives you the opportunity to attract thousands of new visitors to your website with just a single email blast.

But beware! Some email marketing companies send BOTs (automated computers) to your site rather than quality traffic. Because of this, it’s important to find an email provider that offers real data and accurate, tangible results.

Similar to direct mail, conquest email marketing targets people in your dealership’s area. Some email marketing companies offer access to In-Market Car Shoppers, or people intending to purchase a vehicle in the next 90 days.

Because these individuals have elected to receive vehicle specials from dealerships in their area, you can expect a significantly higher conversion rate and more walk-ins.

3. Direct Mail

Although we have seen more focus on conquest email marketing than physical mail over recent years, direct mail still offers a powerful punch and is able to reach a different demographic than email marketing.

When finding the perfect direct mail provider, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Your design:

Make sure your direct mail provider offers fully customizable direct mail pieces, not just cookie-cutter templates.

Your price:

Often times, direct mail agencies will conveniently “leave out” postage costs in their quotes. Make sure you’re aware of all postage, data cleaning fees, and other additional costs when making a purchasing decision.

4. Landing Pages

The first three trends all focus on attracting new leads, but using an integrated approach is key to optimizing your website’s conversion. Build custom landing pages with lead capture forms that push new prospects directly into your CRM system.

Other cool stuff

One of our members created a “Free Yeti Cooler” campaign for people who registered on their website and bought a vehicle. By simply advertising a cool product and requiring a visit to the dealership in order to win it, they were able to capture hundreds of new leads!

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

When integrating a form onto your landing page or website in general, short forms are best. The less time it takes to input information, the more likely your prospects will be to do so.

When adding a form to your site, make it short. The less info users need to enter, the more likely they will stay engaged.
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5. Conversion Tools

Once a new prospect lands on your site, you need to ensure you capture their lead information and work towards setting an appointment with them.

Interactive conversion tools like live chat and 360 interactive walkarounds are becoming more and more popular as they allow consumers to virtually interact with your dealership, forging a relationship before they even get to your store.

Plus, solutions like gift card incentives provide an added lift to your dealership’s conversion rate and narrowly focus on bringing more customers to your dealership showroom floor.

Find out more about conversion tools that incentivize and convert in this article: 4 Ways To Ensure Dealership Incentives Reel In Revenue—Not Tire Kickers

And a bonus: LED Lighting

Now you may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with ideas for Labor Day?!” Did you know that if you switch your outdoor lights to LED you could save over $65,000 by this time next year?

Energy companies are offering aggressive incentives to convince dealers to switch their interior and exterior lights over to LED. In fact, the rebates are so good, some dealers are getting brand new lights for $0 out of pocket! Plus, these dealers are getting a 10 year warranty and are saving 50% on their monthly energy bill.

This rebate money is hot, and it’s burning up quick. Make sure you get a free LED quote to see what rebates are in store for you. Get your free quote here!

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