What’s New At DU: NADA Data & Powerful Brand Ads

What’s New At DU: NADA Data & Powerful Brand Ads

What’s New At DU: NADA Data & Powerful Brand Ads

New Data  ✅  New Ads  ✅  New Promotions  ✅

 There is a lot of NEW for YOU this month. Check out the video above to hear from Justin Friend, VP & General Manager, and Molly Dennehy, Brand Manager, or skim the highlights listed below.

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  • NADA Data 2021: Full Year Report Analysis & Opportunities
  • Powerful Ad Examples: Branding, Custom Order & Pre-Order, Pre-Owned, Vehicle Acquisition, and TradePending 
  • Customer Spotlight – Tynan’s Auto Group  ????
  • Pinterest & Snapchat Special Promotions ????
  • Trade Show Discounts – Digital Dealer & DrivingSales

 NADA Data 2021: New Light-Vehicle (Watch at 1:10)

The 2021 NADA Data full year report features the many major milestones achieved by the retail auto industry during the year.

Take a look at the inventory trends for New Light-Vehicles:

 With new inventory still in demand, auto shoppers have less to choose from, which makes where they buy their new vehicle even that much more important. 

 To help put your brand out in front of the competition, dealers should promote ads focused on their brand and “why buys.” Show and tell your local market what makes you special and sets you apart from the dealer down the road.  

 You can also leverage social media platforms to promote your Custom Orders and Pre-Order campaigns. Share how easy you make the process of getting exactly what they want. 

 NADA Data 2021: Used Inventory (Watch at 4:06)

 Pre-Owned vehicles are also in high demand: by consumers and dealers.

 NADA shared these graphs to highlight key stats:

 Used-vehicle sales dipped in 2020 (not surprisingly) but picked up again in 2021. We expect that 2022 will outpace last year due to inventory shortages and high demand. Do you have a plan to source pre-owned vehicles to replenish your lot?

  Try running a buy-back or vehicle acquisition campaign on multiple social platforms for an Omnichannel sourcing strategy.  

  We have also shown success by running campaigns directly to your TradePending page on your website. These ad playbooks are branded to reflect TradePending colors for a seamless user experience.  

 Want to look deeper into your market to enhance your acquisition campaigns? Try the updated Dealers United MarketAnalyzer. This free tool can not only provide audience size and demographics, but also calculate a suggested budget and return on investment. 

Check it out at https://app.www.dealersunited.com/analyzer#/

 Customer High-Five (Watch at 6:59)

????️  Tynan’s Auto Group is absolutely crushing the video game! 

This group consists of a VW, Nissan and Preowned Supercenter, and they are doing a fantastic job at showcasing their dealership, promoting their “why buys”, and presenting the personalities of their team in their online content. (Definitely watch their ads at 7:12)

 We called Markus Kamm, Director of Sales, to ask him about his video strategy.

“Now that the market has changed, we can really focus on our brand as a dealership: what we’re all about, what we stand for, how we do business and who we are – and attract people that way.

Putting our videos on social media has given us the opportunity to really showcase “us”. So in other words, make the deal secondary, and just put out there who you are, what makes you unique and special, why people should come do business with you. Because there are still the same amount of dealership choices and people need a reason to come to you.

So, if you’re not out there branding yourself and showcasing your dealership’s personality through the showcasing of your employee’s personalities, I would say you’re absolutely missing the boat.”

 Pinterest & Snapchat Promotion! (Watch at 9:30)

Interested in adding a new platform to your social strategy, but haven’t made the jump?

We have two amazing promotions for new activations for Pinterest and Snapchat.

Receive a $1000 Ad Credit for Pinterest when you spend $3000!

Earn a $375 Ad Credit for Snapchat when you spend $750!

Reach out to your Performance Manager or Account Executive to take advantage of either (or both!) of these great incentives.

 Trade Show Ticket Discounts (Watch at 10:10)

If you plan on attending Digital Dealer in Tampa, FL, May 9-11, or DrivingSales Presidents Club in Ft Lauderdale, FL, May 15-16, we have some awesome discounts for you!

Use our links to get discount codes for up to $200 off your Digital Dealer ticket and $100 off Driving Sales!

We are also very excited to be apart of both events!

Justin Friend will join Allison McConeghy, Sr Partner Manager from Pinterest, for a breakout session on Tuesday, “How to Sell Where Your Customers Are Shopping With Dealer Inventory On Pinterest”, where they will go over everything you want to know about the platform.

Use this link to RSVP or sign up to get the slides. If you are not going, sign up and we will send the recording! 

And Justin and Molly have a virtual session for Digital Dealer NOW about turning your customers into raving fans by flipping your marketing funnel! If you plan on grabbing a virtual pass, be sure to check it out!

At DrivingSales Presidents Club, Justin will sit on a panel to review and analyze the results of DrivingSales research project regarding current marketing strategies and expenses. There will be a lot of great insights into current trends and strategies that Justin will bring back and share with us.

That’s all folks!

Thanks for checking out what’s new with DU.  Stay tuned for more updates next month!

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