The Shift Dealers Are Talking About

Oct 23, 2017 | Website Conversion

How much does your dealership spend to advertise its vehicle inventory on 3rd party listing sites? If you’re like most dealers, it is no small sum. But if you could control it, would you rather the majority of your ad budget be driving more 1st party traffic to your listings on your own website—or someone else’s?

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The Shift Dealers Are Talking About

What’s Better For Auto Dealers: 1st or 3rd Party Traffic?

It’s no secret that dealerships use 3rd party leads.

But let me ask you a question:

Would you rather drive a lead to a 3rd party listing site (like Autotrader, or…

…or drive them to an inventory page on YOUR website (a 1st party lead)?

Compared to a 1st party lead, car shoppers on 3rd party sites may be less likely to:

  • identify your dealership’s brand behind the listing
  • contact you directly and end up in your CRM
  • …or buy a car from you

In fact, research shows that over the past 10 years, closing ratios of 3rd party leads have continued to decline.

Refocus Your Dealership Ad Spend To Your Own Vehicle Listings

So if you’re spending a ton of $$$ with 3rd party listing sites, which don’t even land customers on YOUR website…

…why not allocate a portion of that budget to your own vehicle listings?

…your own VDPs?

Director of Business Development at Leader Auto Group, Michael Renaud, recently made the shift.

Now, some of his 3rd party leads budget is allocated to a program that dynamically targets car shoppers and drives more 1st party leads to his VDPs.

See what he has to say about his results:


Interested in stealing his secret sauce?

It’s all possible with our newest, risk-free Inventory Ads solution.

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Written By Brooke Jensen
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